Honeymoon Packages in Bali 2021

By | April 13, 2021

Honeymoon Packages in Bali – As a newly married couple, we all love to go to an enticing place for our honeymoon. Bali is a destination that ticks all the boxes; it brings in an atmosphere of romance, and luxury with its lovely beaches. This is a stage in life when, we would not have a huge budget for travel, and a package with tour operators such as make my trip, would be a perfect option to be in the lap of luxury.

Honeymoon Packages in Bali

Honeymoon Packages in Bali 2021

Planning a honeymoon trip, need not be tedious as we all perceive, to get a good deal, it is vital to scout for the different packages tour operators, and is imperative to let them know that it is a honeymoon trip. Many of the operators, have honeymoon packages, and this would benefit in getting some freebies within the package. The best time to travel to Bali is between April to September. Food and travelnonu is very reasonable in Bali, and with your restricted budget you would often feel like a king in Bali.

Local Sight Seeing Tour

Opt for a private car, to take you to tour around the city; Bali is famous for its water sports and offer, varied activities such as snorkeling and jet skiing. If you love water sports, it is wonderful to enjoy various games as a couple. Bali is famous for its silver and semi-precious jewelry, if you want to surprise your partner with a gift, it would be the ideal place to get some fancy ornaments, at very reasonable prices. This is a place with lot of spectacular temples and it is worth to visit the temples and it is a marvel to see the intricate work.

Honeymoon Packages Bali

The main attraction for honeymooners’ in, visiting Bali is to enjoy the spectacular beaches. Opt for an area such as Nusa Dua, where almost all the resorts have their own private beach and it would be a magnificent, to laze around the beach and to take a nice dip in the cool water.

Many of the tour packages include a Balinese massage and you ought, to be pampered with a traditional massage. They start with a wonderful massage of the feet and this is done in water filled with rose petals. After this, an elaborate body massage is done and we feel all the stress of the wedding day getting alleviated. At the end of the massage a traditional Balinese green tea, is served and it is such a fantastic experience and we feel revitalized.

Shopping and Food Bali

Sea Food Bali

Bali is famous for its wood carvers, and it is amazing to see the wooden furniture and small trinkets such as show piece and jewelry boxes. All these goods are obtainable at affordable prices, but it goes without saying, even though you are not used to, you need to bargain to get the best rate.

With the influx of cosmopolitan crowd you can get a variety of food in Bali, it would vary from the typical non-spicy steaks and crumb fries, to their local food offering beef and sea-food cooked in coconut milk and served with different kinds of rice. Most of the restaurant offer a free drink and pick up and drop facility for tourists, staying at nearby resorts.

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Bali would be the perfect honeymoon destination, and you can get pampered and celebrate with the love of your life.

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