Best Set Menu Restaurants in London

By | December 28, 2020

Best Set Menu Restaurants in London – It is true that London is one of the most expensive Cities in the world. If you are planning a trip to London, you need to keep apart a sizeable budget for your food. The vital thing is that you need not always eat in expensive restaurants, if you do a good research on where to get good food and value for money, then you are a winner. When I travel I love to try different kinds of food so that you can try everything possible. This is my take on some of my favorite foods  in London from my awesome stay.

Best Fish and Chips in London

Best Set Menu Restaurants in London

Fish and chips are synonymous, to London; you find shops and carts selling fish and chips. This tops the list, and you should certainly try this out, it is served with a nice crisp fillet of fish, at times the batter consist of lager and gives it a rich taste and with a good amount of double fried French fries, and a couple of sauces, mustard and mayonnaise. It is a perfect lunch, for food on the go and if you have kids they would love it. This is a kind of food that gives you instant energy.

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Borough Market in London Food

I was pensive, about my visit to Borough market, and was not open to trying the food there, but I was off beam. This market is just a stone’s throw from London Bridge tube station; this is the easiest way of transport to get to the market. The market portrays the culinary history of the country, and you are hungry the minute you arrive at the market.

Borough Market London

There are over 70 stalls and every food beckons you to them. We started by trying dumplings, from a Chinese stall and it was scrumptious, the dumplings, were served with a delectable peanut sauce and a tangy soya sauce. We moved to the next course, by trying duck sandwich.

The best things about the duck meat, was that it was shredded and was slow cooked in a thick barbecue sauce, and according to the order, it loaded in thick crust breaded sandwich. This definitely needs to be shared, if you are looking at trying other foods.

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I have never had a better bowl of rice and Vietnamese chicken curry, it was lip smacking, not to forget this was my third course and I definitely wanted to end with dessert. The market offers a variety of different kinds of sweets varying from traditional cherry pies, brownies, pastries filled with rich cream and caramelized fruit. If you are fond of cheese, there is a huge variety of cheese for sale and to try.


If you are missing India food, Brick Lane, is the place you should pay a visit to. The aroma on the streets will undeniably make you hungry, and you can choose from a variety of rice’s, curries and roti’s and it is worth the money.

Fancy a Chinese meal, London is famous for Chinese food and its takeaways. Chinatown is famous for its Asian food, and you can sample different kinds of, food varying from fried chicken cart, noodles, dumpling and sea food cooked in oriental style.

If you are in London, pig out in these places and you will have a true global experience. More than a tour, you would have had a wonderful eating experience.