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June 13, 2013

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Bangkok, the bustling metropolis of Thailand is one of the must to see destinations in the world. First time visitors to Bangkok carry different opinions about the Bangkok nightlife. With around 10 million people, the city is bustling with nonstop nightlife!

Bangkok edged out London and emerged as winner

The commercial hub and hot travel destination London was effortlessly edged out by one of the nightlife isles and a shopping spree destination! Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand edged out, one of the most popular travel destinations by air across the globe for almost all kinds of travelers, London! According to a recent survey, Bangkok ranked the top, most visited and most preferred travel destination. This is the very first Asian City to earn the reward!


Following Bangkok, London, ranked the second travel destination with most number of foreign visitors. While Paris, Singapore, New York is listed subsequently, Istanbul and Dubai seems to overcome the top destinations very soon.

How Bangkok leads the show?

Although Bangkok and the cool Bangkok nightlife appear very similar to the nightlife in many Asian cities, capital of Thailand made the difference through the versatility, variety and affordability. The round the clock entertainment with loads of liveliness makes this one of the growing metropolis in Asia, a winner!3717935232_33eea8688e

Of course, the hidden reason behind Bangkok emerged as the winner is people fly down to Bangkok to enjoy the flavors and vibrancy of the nightlife in Bangkok. Bangkok nightlife is something that ever night life lover love to explore, enjoy and relish! The bustling city with colorful nightlife not just attracts the travelers from Asia. Many westerners target to hit the Bangkok for its bustling nightlife.

The urbanized nightlife scenes attract more and more visitors to this metropolis!

Colorful Bangkok spices up during night


Many times, even inherently we hear something chaotic as well as invigorating news about the cool and bustling nightlife in Bangkok. The streets of Bangkok with pulsating and crowded streets, round the clock nightlife in Bangkok with plentiful hot spots, night markets – the shopping spree, etc. spices up the colorful city during the night! While half of the population ventures into enjoy the tranquil and unearthly ambiance in Thailand, they cannot really escape from the exoticism of the most invigorating and bustling nightlife in Bangkok! Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand poses a rapid lifestyle with lots of buzz!

Quick facts on nightlife in Bangkok – the city with best nightlife

The bustling nightlife in Bangkok with urbanized nightlife scenes makes this capital hub, one of the rising cities with the best nightlife in the world.


  • It’s a party friendly and people friendly destination to enjoy the nightlife
  • Heading to a club single? Well, you will gain more friends in a few hours
  • There are plenty of hot spots to explore. Surprisingly, everyone name their favorite place to enjoy the night, which may not be so popular or maybe a hidden night spot. It indirectly means that nightlife in Bangkok caters to the needs and desires of every individual.
  • Single? Couple? Group? Lesbians? Gays? Or a Transgender? – Bustling nightlife in Bangkok is for everyone with no exceptions!
  • Gentle clubs to bizarre clubs – Pick the one you intend
  • Round the clock party!
  • Cheap nightlife in a metropolis with hi-tech urbanized nightlife scenes!
  • Surprisingly, there is no freezing cold season in Bangkok

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