Top Three Bars in RCA – The Best Nightlife Spot in Bangkok

May 7, 2013

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Nightlife in Bangkok is very elaborate and you will have access to plenty of hot and appealing nightlife spots in Bangkok. If you are confused about choosing from the best nightlife spots in Bangkok, just head to RCA. Nothing but called the Royal City Avenue, it is one of the hottest nightlife spots in Bangkok, the world’s leading party town with best nightlife. The Royal city avenue is hit by people from different background with different needs to enjoy the bustling nightlife in Bangkok. From hard core party goers, hoppers, teens, music mads to dancers; Royal City Avenue remains the leading Bangkok nightlife spots catering to different needs of the nightlife and night party lovers.

Take a look at Top 3 bars in different flavors in Royal City Avenue, Bangkok.

Cosmic Café – Best Nightlife Spot in Bangkok for Gala Weekend Night Parties

Cosmic Cafe best nightlife spot in Bangkok

The Cosmic Café – As indicated by its name, the right place to enter into and enjoy the explosion of the extravagant night parties during the weekends. Although the bar is open during the weekdays, it remains a bit quiet. You will find the bar populated with local Thai crowd enjoying their night until the sunrise. Plan early to grab your place in the bar at the best nightlife spot in Bangkok at RCA, to enjoy the lavishing cosmic effect.

Overtone Music Cave – A Musical Nightlife Spot in Bangkok

Overtone Music Cave

The overtone music cave is one of the renowned bars in the Bangkok not just for its nightlife outlook, but also it is the best place where several musicians and artists perform. The hot spot bar was intended to cater for music students and acted as a music workshop. Very soon it turned into a music concert  venue cum exotic bar in RCA. You will find an exciting as well as jam packed performances of various streams of music from local bands to international groups.

Old Leng  – An Appealing Vintage Style Bar and Best Nightlife Spot in Bangkok

Old Leng

When compared with the luxury, lavishness, dazzleness and the extravagance of the Bangkok nightlife, Old Leng looks a bit old and odd too! Yet, it is a quite appealing and alluring bar in the clubbing scene and Bangkok nightlife.  Inspired by the ancient Chinese interior décor, the bar provides a vintage feel as if you have entered the centuries old bar! Unlike other bars that carry the bustling nightlife in Bangkok with heavy music and drums, Old Leng is all about 80s love and romantic song renditions.

As a word of precaution, please avoid taking the booze concoctions made at the bar and indulge in other drinks.

The specialty of RCA is, it is one of the government designated nightlife spots in Bangkok. Royal City Avenue offers you more than mere drinking and dancing in the bars and nightclubs. Yet, Bangkok nightlife is all about party, party and party! So you don’t really want to look for something beyond the nightclubs and bars in the nightlife capital! Honestly, RCA provide you from wild nightclub experience to cheapest night party in a simple bar.

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