Top 3 Exotic nighttime events of the world

April 1, 2013

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If you are so inclined to a stimulating nightlife, there are plenty of spots to explore. Whether it is a place with bustling clubs and famous bars, or metropolitan cities with spellbinding hotspots or action-packed adventurous places or a simple 24 hours dine in restaurant, really you have plenty of options to explore and enjoy. Yet, there is only a particular percentage of population, specifically in the age group of 20 to 40 enjoy the culture of hard core partying. So what you will take from a dark night if you are a night lover and yearn for something too cozy and comforting nighttime event? Beyond the night party culture in the pubs and bars, giving you here the best events at night across the globe. Indulge in these exciting and exotic events at night.


Museums at Night – An Inspiring nighttime event


Museums at Night - The best nighttime  event Museums at Night – The best nighttime event


Museums at night is an inspiring, cultural, special and artistic after hours event held in many museums, heritage sites, galleries, etc across the United Kingdom. The special annual weekend nighttime event is very different from the typical night party culture of the millennium. Multiple organizations, museums and galleries join together and offer art and cultural programs, in major towns and cities of UK opening a gate to discover the unknown culture. The special nighttime event takes place annually before the celebration of the International Museum Day on May 18 every year. This is a great opportunity to join, enjoy and celebrate our culture and arts in several exciting ways. The museums and galleries put together a delicious feast on the culture.
Whet your appetite and don’t miss it this year – Museums at night from May 16 to May 18.


Mardi Gras – The Vibrant cheerful nighttime event


Vibrant Nighttime event Vibrant Nighttime event


Mardi Gras means carnival and it needs no introduction. The grandeur celebration is a feast for eyes, which makes the night life more exciting. The dark night turns vibrant and shine like a day.The rich and embellishing carnival falls on FAT Tuesday, just a day before the Ash Wednesday. The carnival actually involves the celebration to the core before the start of Lent days. Popular practices of this exciting nighttime event involved in celebrating Mardi Gras include wearing rich costumes, masks, colorful accessories, dancing to vibrant music, rigorous sports competitions, feating parades, social conventions and of course a rich, fat and luxurious dinner.
Mardi Gras is actually a hard core night party culture in a traditional and cultural outlook.


Bonfires of St. John’s – A Special Nighttime Event with Traces of a Rich Carnival

Traditional NIghttime Event Traditional Nighttime Event


The cities and towns of Spain get ready for celebration of this very popular and most important nighttime event, Bonfires of Saint John’s day, which falls on the eve of the St. Johns day. Alacant, Spain celebrates this pulsating carnival in the grandest manner. Bonfires are the part of the few cities and towns in Spain and for this astounding night festival, thousands of people join together. Also called as Summer Christmas, people creates huge bonfires from different kinds of wood.

The simple yet traditional and dazzling costumes of the women make the night life event much more colorful. Generally women chose to wear apparels in white complimenting their look with accessories in white and minimal jewelry.

After creating an artistic bonfire with wooden pieces, the night is spent lavishly with special events at night. The blazing beauty of the bonfire make the entire city sparkle in the dark.

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