Top 3 Celebrity Nightclubs in New York City

June 21, 2013

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Well, we read a lot about the popular nightclubs hit by celebrities! Popular nightclubs in New York are preferred by the celebrities as the city offers the scintillating nightlife until the sunrise! Unfortunately, many nightlife lovers who read a lot about top celebrity nightclubs in the magazines believe that they would never be able to party in those venues. Would you not love to double up your joy with the glimpses of your celebrities or partying amidst your favorite stars, merge with the popular musicians? Then read here to try any of the popular nightclubs in New York hit by celebrities!

Celebrity nightclub in New York with toughest door – Ph-D Dream Downtown

Ph-D Dream Downtown Top Celebrity nightclubs in NEw York

Ph-D?  Sounds weird! Yet, this is one of the top celebrity nightclubs in New York. Ph-D Dream Downtown is rooftop nightclub, which was opened a few months back now become the toughest door to make an entry! Needless to say that Ph-D is one such celebrity nightclub in New York, where you can trace the celebs partying hard and having lots of fun! You will not get an entry if you arrive no earlier than 8 pm! Some of the regular celebrity customers to the popular nightclubs in New York are Leonardo De-Caprio, Khole Kardashian, Heidi Klum, etc.

Boom Boom Room – The expensive celeb nightclub in New York

Boom Boom Room - celeb night club in nyc

Boom Boom Boom is one of the most expensive and top celebrity nightclubs in New York!  The top celebrity nightclub in New York gives the panoramic views of this never-sleep city! While this is expensive, the royal ambience attracts the celebs. You can experience the royal nightlife in New York in the gold bar of the Boom Boom Room nightclub! Boom Boom is the favorite celebrity nightclub in New York for Madonna, Lindsay Lohan, etc. They appear in this lavish nightclub very often!

A strip club turned as a top celebrity night club in NYC – Westway

West way top celebrity nightclub in NEw York

You would be surprised to learn that the strip club in New York turned one of the popular celeb nightclubs in NYC! The Liveliness of Westway with brass poles and illuminating dance floor attracts a lot of crowds, including the celebs. Although it is a smaller celebrity nightclub in New York, many celebs party in the wee hours without revealing their identity! Next time when you plan to visit this top celebrity nightclub in NYC, just take a look around at the partiers! Who knows, your favorite pop star may dance near you and you would be able to shake your legs with the celebs!

Jane Ballroom, Avenue, The Spotted Pig, The Darby, etc are few other popular celebrity nightclubs in New York.

Tips to party in the top celebrity Nightclub in New York

Well, you love to join your celebs in these top celebrity nightclubs in New York isn’t it? Ok, you should follow certain rules and adhere to a few aspects, even if they are not apparently mentioned!

  • Remember that the popular celebrity nightclubs in New York are always crowded. Your entry may get rejected if you make no early arrival.
  • Follow the dress code and make sure to look at your best!
  • Carry your ID cards to avoid any mishaps!
  • These popular celebrity nightclubs are a bit expensive than the typical nightclubs in New York City. So, plan for your budget too!
  • Don’t indulge in drinking heavily in the early hours!
  • Large groups are not allowed to party in any popular celebrity nightclub in New York, so walk in as small groups.

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