The perfect family friendly tourist destinations of the world

November 3, 2014

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All of us long for a family vacation, especially after the hectic and strenuous work life. It is very important to have family vacations. This helps kids to spend quality time with their parents, open up their thoughts and to stay rooted to family values. When an individual plans a family vacation it is very important to select the destination that is family friendly

family friendly trips
Family friendly destinations

London, United Kingdom

London is one of the destinations that are extremely family friendly. The best time to visit London is between the months of June to August and the weather is nice and bright. All across London the pavements are extremely wide and it is very comfortable to take single or twin prams.

The most interesting sightseeing destination for kids in London are Lion king plays that are showcased every weekends and also on few weekdays. Madame Tussads and London Dungeon are the other attractions that kids would be fascinated. Children love to take a ride on the London eye and get a bird’s eye view of the whole city.

One of London’s most popular cuisines is fish and chips. This would be a hot favorite for all kids and this succulent food would be enjoyed by all kids and would be a part of their regular dietary when in London.

Kerala, India

Kerala is called as God’s own Country. This is the perfect name for the serene region which has a number of palaces, castles, religious institution that merge different religions in a unique manner and wild life sanctuary. Tourists are spoilt for choice of destination when they are in Kerala. It is the perfect place for family travel, as it gives a peek into culture, tradition, cuisine and celebration of various festivals.

Some of the must do activities in Kerala are a visit to the back waters and enjoy a luxurious boat ride. A visit to the hill station Munnar, amidst the chill and the tea plantations, give children an insight to cultivation and the processes involved in tea making.
Paris, France

Paris is often referred to as the city of lights and is a perfect family friendly destination. Paris is a Country that is rich in its history and every individual aspires to see the famous Eiffel Tower. Paris has a large number of sightseeing destinations. Some of the most famous spots are Notre Dame, wonders of the Louvre, a number of museums rich in its history.

Disney land Paris would be the hot favorite of every child who visits Paris. A few days have to be spent at Disney land and it spans across an area of 4800acres.There are two theme parks within the location. All the cartoon characters come alive for the children and it is a trip to be remembered

disneyland Paris

The food in Paris is truly mouth watering ranging from the rich and delicious pastries to different kinds of baguettes, croissants, cheese and macaroons.

When kids have a blast during holidays it gives parents so much happiness. All these family friendly destinations, give children an excellent exposure into the world around them.

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