Goa – of Forts, Temples, Churches and More


Think of Goa and your mind conjures up images of sandy beaches, exciting water sports, chilled beer and delicious prawns and lobsters. But not many know that Goa has much more than this. It has its own share of forts, temples, ruins, waterfalls and many other interesting places. Churches Before shifting the state’s capital to […]

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Goa the holiday paradise


Goa deems to be one of the best holiday Getaway’s in India. How many a times, I travel to Goa, when it is decision time for the next holiday, we as a family always decide on embarking on the next journey, to be at the alluring lap of Goa. I am not sure if it […]

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Real Fun and Relaxation ! Goa Calling

goa tourists paradise

If you want to unwind yourself from the hectic schedule of your daily life and looking forward for some real fun and relaxation then you must head to Goa, Pearl of the Orient. Goa is often called as ‘Tourist Paradise’. Goa is the Beach Capital of India. Goa is a small emarald land on the […]

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