Paris Floodlit Tours


Paris, named one of the most romantic and fashion-centered cities in the world, is a treasure trove of history, culture, art, music, cuisine and architecture. From the Seine River to the Eiffel Tower, several globally well-known landmarks are rich with culture and French history that have lasted for centuries. To display these incredible, indestructible monuments, […]

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What Makes Paris World’s One of the most Visited Tourist City

paris night tours

Paris the most charming capital of the world and also the most visited. Paris attracts tourists for its spectacular beauty, printed in fabulous monuments, stunning architecture and beautifully kept gardens. Cultural life here enchants hundreds of museums, exhibitions and performances varied, pleasing the most demanding connoisseurs of art. The local gastronomy is a feast in […]

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Auvergne: A journey into the heart of France

Auvergne A château overlooking the volcanoes

In my last article you came to know about volcanoes and from there you must be interested to know more about France and especially about Auvergne.To reach Auvergne from Spain, you can take a  flight with Easyjet to Lyon airport, located 200 kilometers from Clermont-Ferrand. The airline offers daily flights from Madrid with departure at […]

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