Maldives a perfect choice for your next holiday

watersports - Maldives

Maldives is popularly referred as Maldives Island and receive thousands of tourists all through the year. The economy of the Country predominantly depends on tourism, for its coffers. The best part about holidaying in Maldives is that there is a visitor can obtain the visa, on arrival provided they have all the valid documents with […]

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Enticing traditional Kerala gastronomy

Onam Sadhya - Kerala

Kerala is the land of spices and it offers an array of food to tourist. It has a multitude of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes at offer. A feature that is truly special to Kerala is that, each city you travel to, the way of cooking and the cuisine put forward is diverse. If you are […]

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Goa the holiday paradise


Goa deems to be one of the best holiday Getaway’s in India. How many a times, I travel to Goa, when it is decision time for the next holiday, we as a family always decide on embarking on the next journey, to be at the alluring lap of Goa. I am not sure if it […]

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Amsterdam on the ground

Amsterdam and its view

I was fortunate to visit Amsterdam in spring, and though it is small place, it is one of the best Countries, that can be visited during any season and it portrays a totally different view. The aspect that made this trip different from others was that, we travelled everywhere, in public transport and felt the […]

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Mysore – An educational, family trip for kids


When kids have their short breaks, parents are often stumped, as to how to occupy them and where to travel, without incurring a huge cost. The answer to this would, be a day trip to Mysore, especially if you are in Bangalore; it is only two and a half hour’s drive. Many of us having […]

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Barcelona – A city with all tourist elements

Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain, subsequent to Madrid; it is becoming, one of the world’s leading traveler destinations. We were fortunate, to have a long stay in London and seized the opportunity to travel to Barcelona, and it is only a two hour flight, from London. If you would like to travel […]

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