Amsterdam travel

Amsterdam on the ground

Amsterdam and its view

I was fortunate to visit Amsterdam in spring, and though it is small place, it is one of the best Countries, that can be visited during any season and it portrays a totally different view. The aspect that made this trip different from others was that, we travelled everywhere, in public transport and felt the […]

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48 hours in Amsterdam [Travel Diary]


The Royal celebrations in the Netherlands this week put the country and the capital Amsterdam on front pages and television screens around the world with an orange splash. There’s plenty to see and do in this compact city where the world-famous Rijksmuseum only recently reopened after an extensive renovation. Reuters correspondents with local knowledge help […]

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Welcome at Amsterdam: An Invitation for everyone


Are you looking for a perfect place to visit these holidays? You have enough money but don’t know where to visit? Then Amsterdam will be the perfect choice for you and your family. It is one such place which invites everyone and it fits for all seasons. Amsterdam is a magnificent place as it offers […]

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