March 31, 2013

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One such island where it keeps drizzling, sound of the sea wind, breezy go green trees, smell of a Malay food and important to jot down are the people of LANGKAWI. Every person you meet will be friendly, fearful to God, educated and mercy. This magnificent place is situated on the borders of MALAYSIA. a small island not much recognized  but once did, never stops getting mentioned.

Grab a Hot Holiday Deal at Langkawi Island

This place is best for photography, getting all the products right from the size 1 to XXXL in duty free, good sea food to feed your hunger and friendly taxi drivers speaking good English to make the foreigners understand about the place and its importance.


Need to talk about the famous eagle feeding mountains. Keeping the foods on your hand palm and wait for the eagles to come, they arrive like the small domestic flights. never hurts you, but steals the food away.This is the main reason for naming this island as LANGKAWI– which means in Malay ~ EAGLES.

You may be wondering, What is the point of mentioning about it right now? Just a holiday reminder. If you want to go for holidaying with best package, Choose this place because it’s a worth every penny you going to spend on travelling. Costs less, pretty much interesting to visit and spend your good times =)

Every billion second of your stay, you would realize that this Island is POLLUTION FREE, no hush bush and so clean and chill place to grab some beer and relax with friends. But I would recommend this place for the newly married couple. You will figure it out why i say this as my end note.

It’s only RM-500.00 per couple (inclusive of  Hotel at Resort, Breakfast, Island hoping at Tasik Dayang Bunting,Pulau Beras Basah & Eagle Feeding , Car rental Proton Iswara (own drive). HOT DEAL–  30% discount from the original price at TOP FAMOUS Hotels and Resorts in Island.

What are you waiting for??? This Summer, just give a drive to the Airport> book the tickets and run.

Have a Happy Honey moon !

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