Sumptuous Kerala Breakfast – Must Try

September 3, 2013

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Kerala, is popularly referred to as the God’s own country, the natural beauty is enthralling. You would be bowled over by the different scenery, the nature has to offer, you would be enchanted by the back water’s of Kumarakom and be bowled over by the undulating hills of Munnar.A perfect contrast would be, when you visit the palm fringed beaches of Kovalam.

Though many people come to visit Kerala as a tourist destination, many a tourist comes for the authentic food. Kerala is also called as the “land of spices”. The population is dominated by an equal majority of vegetarians and non-vegetarians and hence you get an array of gastronomy to try. Kerala is famous for its hot and spicy food, scores of people, when they travel, are so boggled by information that they ultimately miss on the most important foods. Being a Keralite,I feel tourist should be able to try the local cuisine, and enjoy the delicious food, Kerala has to offer.

Kerala Breakfast

As we all start our day with breakfast, let us take a journey through the mouth –watering Kerala dishes for breakfast.


This is a rice dish, and it gets its shape from the cylindrical vessel that is used to steam the puttu in it. Many a traditional families get their own rice, powdered and then make Puttu.It is accompanied by different condiments such as sugar, banana and black channa curry, which is made with coconut oil, and you can bite into coconut bits.

kerala breakfast

Appam and Stew

Appam is a slightly sweet, and made with rice powder. The middle of the appam in spongy and thicker than the rest, and it is an art to made appams in the traditional appam chatti.Appams are usually eaten with, Stew-This is a gravy dish, that is made both as non – vegetarian and a vegetarian version. The stew gets its rich consistency from the luscious coconut milk, and is spiced with cloves, cinnamon, cardamom and green chilly.

Appam and Stew


Almost all the Kerala breakfast dishes are prepared with rice. Idiappam is another novel dish, the rice powder is made into a form of dough, and passed through a presser, this has numerous holes and this makes the dough comes out in the form of thin threads and these are places in the vessel and kept for steaming.


This is predominantly eaten with egg roast and chicken curry. Many people end their course of idiappam with fresh coconut milk, sugar or “pani” this is another version of honey. This breakfast gives such a satisfaction, and can be enjoyed only in Kerala.

Like all the other South Indian States, people in Kerala enjoy their Dosas and idili for breakfast and the most important condiment with these are its Chutney’s. Different households have their traditional recipes of chutneys, the variance is obtained from the type of chilly they use, some people use the green and some the red, and the color is obtained from them.

Kerala is the place to enjoy variety of food, and my travel diary has completed its long list of breakfast dishes, await the delicious other two courses of the day.

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