Strange Night Clubs in Las Vegas – Face of the Nightlife in Las Vegas

April 23, 2013

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Nightlife in Las Vegas is known for its own lavishness and rich party experience. Being one of the party towns, you will have access to plenty of nightclubs in Las Vegas. In fact, there are many expensive nightclubs in Las Vegas to hang in. Nightlife scenes and night clubs in Las Vegas offer different flavors for different needs. From hard core all night parties to soothing music and enjoying the best drinks in the world, nightlife in Las Vegas is colorful. Yet, there are many nightclubs in Las Vegas that are a bit weird and extravagant.  The face of the rich and vibrant nightlife in Las Vegas includes the weird nightclubs. Now, take a look at two unique, strange, and even weird nightclubs in Las Vegas.

Sugarcane Nightclub – A Brazilian Inspired Nightclub in Las Vegas

Sugar Cane Nightclub

Inspired by the rich and extravagant night festivals of the world, Rio Carnival, Sugar Cane Nightclub carries the favelas of the carnival. The boutique nightclub is the latest addition to the sizzling Las Vegas nightlife, but it makes a lot of difference. It is actually a Tikki bar with amazing and strange interior décor. The interior designs are inspired by the sensual, vibrant and sultry décor ideas pertaining to the Rio Carnival in Brazil. The mysterious setup of the Sugar Cane Nightclub includes the couches designed in the hues of chocolate brown and gold. Besides, the interior designs are also inspired by Japanese style.

Sugarcane nightclub

You will find huts in the place of booths, chairs made of straw, the walls covered by bamboo and woven leaves of banana, peculiar yet cozy flowers, Tikki statues and cocktails, etc. Further, thousands of sugar cane hangs from the ceiling which is lit by a constellation of grandeur sculptural lighting, which makes the atmosphere exotic and exciting for a night out. Not just the nightclub carry the unique Brazilian hues, but also the drinks are inspired by Brazil and Japan. The nightclub is open until early morning and the drinks are reasonably priced. You will be surprised to hear the cheap price of the cocktails!

Simply, the Sugar cane nightclub in Las Vegas offers you the typical Brazilian nightclub.

Christian Audigier Club – A Stylish and Lavish Nightclub in Las Vegas

Christian Audigier Las Vegas Treasure Island

The very first ever nightclub around the world, which carries the fusion of the exotic clubbing with state-of-the-art fashion! Also renowned as one of the very few lavish nightclub in Las Vegas, the renowned fashion designer Christian Audigier added style and fashion quotient to Christian Audigier Club. Tucked up in front of tweirdhe treasure island, Christian Audigier Club is a chic and cool place to hang out. The interior décor of this nightclub is so cool. The real cross of the stylish nightclub reflects the face of the lavish nightclubs in Las Vegas as well as full night hard core party night.

Christian Audigier nightclub las vegas

The Christian Audigier club is festooned with the red velvet walls and unique chandeliers made of black glass . Yet, the weird skull and rose crusted mirrors, silver skulls, strange tattoo arts, leather banquettes embossed with crocodile imprints makes the different. The very strange nightclub carrying the face of the rich and luxurious nightlife in Las Vegas, is the best place to hang in and enjoy the 80s bang.

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