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March 18, 2013

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The very first of its kind, embark the world’s first adventurous and wild tour of a Nocturnal Zoo, the Singapore Zoo night safari. The night zoo is quite popular among the global tourists and attracts more than millions of visitors every year. The specialty of the Singapore night safari is, we do get the opportunity to get the glimpse of a number of rare species of animals. The lovely place to visit gives you an exotic and thrilling experience to cherish forever. Let us explore what the Singapore zoo night safari has!

Get the Glimpse – Singapore Night Safari

Blend a national zoo, wildlife park, nocturnal animals in natural habitat, and rare, exotic and endangered species together – you will get the wonderful chance to explore this exciting Singapore night safari. Spread across 40 hectares of land, the mystical jungle comes into life during the night, as more than 1000 animals roam, gaze and hunt in the moonlight. The Singapore Zoo is probably the only nocturnal park which showcases more than 115 species of animals from all animal kingdom. The Singapore night safari for its kind of adventure, thrill and excitement received several national and international awards. Many times, the exotic night safari bagged the ‘Best Leisure Attraction’ award, from the Singapore Tourism Board.

Singapore Night Safari Night Safari

Walking Trail on the award winning Singapore Night Safari

Prepare yourself to embrace the exciting experience of visiting the nocturnal animals on various walking trails. It starts at 8 pm every night. While the trails are built artistically with creative lighting environment, the organizers ensure that there is no artificial arrangement that affect the nocturnal animals. The native environment of a mystical jungle is retained as to enable the animals behave freely and naturally. The trail brings you the live demonstration on many creatures.

Fishing Cat Trail

The specialty of this trail will get you to see the native animals and species roaming in the forest. You will get a closer view on the fishing cats, bear cats, barking deer, pangolins, flying foxes, pelicans and much more. As you pass through the dense forest, keep your eye, ears and nose open, to enjoy the ecstasy! View the fishing cats waiting patiently for a long time, plunging into the water to catch the prey; enjoy the unique and unusual aroma from the natural habitat; Keep your ears open to listen to the sounds of the animals as you pass through the jungle deeper.

Leopard Trail

Wildlife Trail singapore zoo Wild Life Trail

The most popular trail of the Singapore night safari is Leopard Trail. The largest wildlife indigenous to a variety of South Asian Cats allows you to bump into some rarest and very special animals. Whether it is Srilankan leopards, clouded leopards or golden cats, you get glimpses of the species gazing through the forests, gracing the nocturnal zoo with moonlight reservoir.

East Lodge Trail

The very interesting trail will allow you pass through the African and Asian counterparts.

Wallaby Trail

The brand new addition to the Singapore night safari is inspired by Australian wildlife.

Multi-Sensory Adventure on your Singapore Night Safari

The best and most convenient way to explore the Singapore zoo is a guided tram tour. The fascinating and enthralling tram tour takes you to travel deeply into the world’s first nocturnal animal wildlife park. The guide keeps you engaged with providing intriguing information on the special species and you will enjoy the journey passing through different geographical zones. The various geographical zones of tram tour include exploring the vegetation, landscapes, along with wildlife habitats of Himalayan Foothills, African Equatorials, Indian Subcontinent, Asia riverine forest, Nepalese river valley, Indo-Malayan region and Burmese hillside.

Adventurous Night Safari Tram Tour

Exclusive Singapore Night Safari Shows

The night safari to the Singapore nocturnal wildlife park is almost incomplete if you miss out the exclusive night shows! Do not miss the Creatures of the night show and the thumbuakar performance to complete your night safari.

What to wait for! Whether or not you plan to visit Singapore, steal your time, plan and make a visit to the world’s first nocturnal zoo and explore the adventurous Singapore night safari.

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