Relish Udaipur at Night – Witness the transformation of historical city in the moonlight

March 29, 2013

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Called as the City of Lakes, Udaipur, the historical and cultural city of Rajasthan is one of the most intriguing travel destinations. The historical city, also called the Venice of the East attracts plenty of visitors from across the globe. Famous for its culture, history, heritage attractions, scenic spots, and lakes, the beautiful city turns more beautiful and magnificent when the sun hide itself in the west. Yes, you will enjoy the true colors of this historical City, Udaipur at night. While the heritage sites of Udaipur depicting the rich culture and yesteryear traditions of the ancient people at day, the city illuminates in the night.

City Palace in Udaipur at Night City Palace in Udaipur at Night


What is so special about Udaipur at Night

Nightlife in Udaipur is quite unique and you cannot simply expect spending some hours in any club or bar. The night at Udaipur means beauty, splendor and grandeur. In fact, Udaipur sizzles when it dusk and gets life in the moonlight. Although there is nothing special about thriving nightlife, as you experience in any metro cities, you will get intoxicated with its brilliance. Udaipur flaunt itself at the night along with the romantic moonlight and sparkling stars. So, nightlife in Udaipur is all about appreciating and enjoying the natural bliss, illuminating city, radiant sites in the moonlight, cherishing the magical ambiance, roaming in the busy Udaipur streets for shopping and of course, treating yourself with heavy, traditional and mouth watering Rajasthani Cuisine.

You will just fall in love with the delightful atmosphere in Udaipur at night.


Street shopping in Udaipur at night

Street Shopping Udaipur at night Street Shopping Udaipur at night


The best thing about nightlife in Udaipur is street shopping. The streets of this historical city gets life in the evening, when the sun bid adieu to the city and set in the Aravali hills. The streets get playful in the lights and becomes much more vibrant, which induces the visitors to roam around the shopping streets. As the beautiful cities of Rajasthan carry a unique tint, Udaipur also carries the vibrant colors that make the night market more lively. From roadside vendors, stalls, small shops, to showrooms, the streets of Udaipur at night gives you an extensive shopping experience. You can buy a wide range of items from jewelry, crafts, arts, antique products, rajasthani paintings, exclusive rajasthani clothing, pots, handicrafts and toy. You could simply transform your home interior, your wardrobe and your lifestyle with amazing range of products you shop at a cheaper price.


Amusing sound and light show in the city palace

The City Palace, the magnificent, grandeur and large palace of the Udaipur, rather the Rajasthan looks like a colossal giant like structure in the day. Yet, it transforms completely and shows off vibrantly at night in Udaipur. Now, we don’t talk about either the true astounding Mughal architecture or the flamboyant style building. The cultural city becomes a romantic city in the dark. Located on the Pichola Lake, the palace with its brilliant interior lighting becomes a magical place in the dark. The reflection of the stupendous lights from the palace and the shadow of the palace in the lake mesmerizes you. You don’t actually need to do anything to spend a great night in Udaipur. Just sit in any roof-tip restaurant and watch the delightful reflection created by the lake and get the intoxicating views of City Palace at Night


Other specialties at night in Udaipur

Dance Performances at Udaipur Dance Performances at Udaipur


Enjoy the traditional dance performances at Meera Kala Mandir for a musical, classical and colorful night at Udaipur. From live performances undoubtedly takes you to another world. Explore and relish the true colors of the Rajasthani Culture and arts at Udaipur.

While at any cost you cannot miss the grandeur views of the city palace at night, don’t miss the sound and light show, a optimal combo of colorful visual and audio.

Not you will relish the night in Udaipur with some truly intriguing aspects, but also the City of lakes, treats you will delicious Rajasthani foods.

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