Planning New Year 2013 in Birmingham!

September 29, 2012

in Birmingham,United Kingdom

If you dream for a New Year’s trip to Europe, it is time to think about the choice of the country and start preparing for the holiday. Recently, a great love has been noticed in the enthusiastic travelers worldwide in visiting the United Kingdom, especially Great Britain.

Planning New Year 2013 in Birmingham

In England, the New Year can be different – ‘Night owls’ are more likely want to spend a crazy night in one of the fashionable clubs in London, and those whose passions revolve around sports and classic rock ‘n’ roll happily go to Liverpool.

Birmingham will be interested place in a variety of categories of tourist – young people, families with children. Birmingham City is located on a plateau high enough above sea level, so the summer is not hot – about + 16 ° C, and in winter it is cold and the average temperature of + 4 ° C. This mild winter makes the New Year quite comfortable celebration in the streets of Birmingham. Here, in addition to the standard gift, you can always find a unique thing to be able to become a powerful reminder of a wonderful journey or an unusual gift to.

Of course, visitors to the fair will have a great opportunity to try traditional British holiday sweets and delicacies, and to enjoy the rides. As for the New Year’s Eve, we celebrate it right here prefer not only visitors, but also to many Londoners. It is known that in the


English capital it is not so easy to find a free table in the restaurant, and its booking can cost a round sum, which not everyone is ready to pay. A similar problem lies in wait, and those who want to get into a nightclub. In Birmingham, with nightly entertainment, things are much easier, and the festive atmosphere and high quality service are guaranteed. If you are interested in shopping, then those in this wonderful British city abound.

Birmingham tour

Several shopping Centers, ranging from the largest, has two hundred stores, designed more for the middle class, and ending with a small but unites under one roof the most expensive and exclusive boutiques. There is no doubt that shopping in Birmingham will be pleasing experience. Rather, after a New Year’s Eve you will stay more in town for a few days and this is the best time to devote to get acquainted with its attractions. Notable religious buildings of Birmingham, St Martin’s Church and the Cathedral of St. Chad, in addition to its original purpose are the monuments of Gothic architecture.

Art lovers like to visit the Gallery of Fine Arts or one of the many exhibition halls and museums. Visitors relax with children are sure to take your children to the National Marine Life Center, home to seahorses, otters, piranhas, stingrays, turtles and many other amazing aquatic inhabitants. Sports fans will be able to broaden their horizons and their knowledge of favorite subjects, going on a trip to Villa Park stadium, which is the home ground of the team Aston Villa.

Most active travelers will want to devote your winter holiday trip, covering as much of the UK tour will be a perfect combination type solution for a vacation. Only need to select the preferred route and the excursion of a huge number of offers from various tour operators.

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