Patong Nightlife Guide for the First Time Visitors

May 13, 2013

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Nightlife in Patong seems to be very different from the usual nightlife experienced in the popular nightlife spots and hot nightlife destinations. Further, the first time visitors will find it a bit bizarre and intimidated by the Patong Nightlife. Patong nightlife seems to be wild for the first time entrants because of the certain rules to be adhered! Yet, very soon it turns out to be one among the captivating, glamorous, charming and sizzling hot nightlife destinations. Here is the simple guide for the first time visitors on Patong Nightlife.

Where to experience the playful nightlife in Patong


Patong is a part of the cool, playful and hot nightlife destinations of the world, Thailand. Visitors to Patong would love to experience the flavors of the typical and even better than nightlife in Thailand and Bangkok! You can encounter the height of playful nightlife in Patong at Bangla Road. Called as Soi bangla, a very special place in Patong to enjoy the night out with lots of fun. Soi Bangla along with its sub-streets called Soi Easy, Soi Eric, etc. offer you plenty of nightlife spots to hang out. Needless to say, Thailand, which is quite renowned for Go Go bars, has its impact in the Patong Nightlife, specially at the hub of Patong, Bangla Road. Along with Go Go bars, you will find many ‘Bar Beers’ Ladyboy shows and exotic nightclubs!

Hang out in the Irish Bars for a comforting nightlife in Patong


Patong nightlife is known for plenty of Irish Bars in a typical English culture! Yet, the nightlife destination, which is considered too wild has the comforting and westernized nightlife. Many new visitors to Patong find it easy to blend with the nightlife in Patong in the Irish bars. Because, the rules are easy to follow, rather many English bars don’t insist on strict rules! Irish bars are more popular for its lovely local music played by the local bands.

All-night party as part of moonlight nightlife in Patong at Go Go Shows


Unlike Go Go bars, Go Go Shows aren’t too famous in the nightlife in Patong. Performed by a group of 6 to 8 hot young girls, Go Go shows are the lovely and lively place, not to miss! Whether you are single or a couple or even a group, if you love to have some great time in the Patong, hang in here. Enjoy the all night playful and fun filled party in the moonlight together with the hot pole dance. You can have a conversation with the girls performing in the show. Yet, you will have to limit your conversation because many local girls are not fluent in English. There are a few Go Go shows, where the girls strip the sexy short outfits as the night passesby. Enjoy your night with lively dance show, drinks and enjoy with the rhythms of the night!

Get surprised by the wonders of transgender at nightlife in Patong


As stated earlier, ladyboy shows are the face of the Patong nightlife. If you are wondering what is called ‘Ladyboy’, it is nothing but Transgenders. Yet, wonderful transformation of the Transgenders will amaze you. Further, the shows performed by the Transgenders are very entertaining and engaging! Sometimes, you will have to challenge yourself about the gender of the performer! You cannot really imagine ‘she was a man’!

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