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July 27, 2013

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Paris, named one of the most romantic and fashion-centered cities in the world, is a treasure trove of history, culture, art, music, cuisine and architecture. From the Seine River to the Eiffel Tower, several globally well-known landmarks are rich with culture and French history that have lasted for centuries. To display these incredible, indestructible monuments, Paris, also known as the City of Lights, illuminates over 200 landmarks, museums, shops, streets, and more every night. As a lightshow wonderland, Paris makes an evening stroll irresistible.

Notre Dame Cathedral


Even though it may not be the largest, Notre Dame is the most famous cathedral the world has to offer. As the center landmark of Paris, Notre Dame harbors historical, cultural, and architectural treasures inside its walls. Started in 1163, Notre Dame was designed by Bishop Maurice de Sully and was almost completed in the 14th century; however, due to the French revolutions, most of the cathedral’s structures were destroyed. Thanks to Eugene Emmanuel Violiet-le-Duc, from 1845 to 1864, Notre Dame was restored to its ancient, Gothic appeal. Explore this gorgeous cathedral by attending free 1.5-hour English tours. You can also find tours in other languages, such as German. To enter the tour of the Notre Dame, climb 422 spiraling steps in the North Tower and reach the west side to see gargoyles, the Emmanuel 13-tonne bell in the South Tower, and catch a glimpse of a stunning view of Paris in the Galerie des Chimères.

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Even the largest museum in the world lights up at night in Paris! The Louvre, home to many priceless masterpieces, from the Mona Lisa to The Seated Scribe, is one of the top attractions to visit during the day for most tourists; however, the Louvre lights up at night, just as many other sights do in Paris. Although many today know the Louvre to be a museum, it wasn’t always one; in the late 1100s, Parisians built the Louvre to protect from Viking raids and was transformed into a royal palace in the 16th century. In 1793, the Louvre became what it is today and made into a pyramid of lights in the evening. From the west of the Louvre, you’ll walk towards the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel, which is also a lighted monument at night.



Extending from the Place de la Concorde to the Arc de Triomphe, Champs-Élysées is famed for its wide and long sidewalks and many ritzy shops and quaint cafes. Along the sidewalks, trees and flowerbeds are planted to add a touch of nature to this lovely area. Not only is Champs-Élysées part of every tourist and shopper’s go-to location, but it’s also the location for Parisians to hold national and international celebrations, from New Year’s to military parades. At nighttime, Champs-Élysées illuminates the streets from its trees, shops, and famous Grande Roue. The Arc de Triomphe lights up the end of Champs-Élysées for a grand end view of this famously expensive pedestrian strip.

Arc de Triomphe


A tribute to Napoleon and generals and soldiers who fought during the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars, the Arc de Triomphe is a masterpiece of a landmark that holds timeless French history. Settled in the middle of Place Charles de Guille, the Arc de Triomphe is surrounded by Paris’ famous circular street. The Arc de Triomphe is engraved with numerous carvings, statues, and names, representing the soldiers who lost their lives in the historical French battles. Along with the Arc de Triomphe’s lights, delight in the lit Memorial Flame that represents the unidentified soldiers who gave their lives in both World Wars. Climb the stairs or go on the lift to the roof of the Arc to see a breath-taking view of Paris.

Eiffel Tower


Last but definitely not least, the Eiffel Tower is the top landmark in Paris that millions come to see each year. Created in the late 1800s as the entrance to the World Fair, the Eiffel Tower is now a symbolic icon for France. You can enter the first 3 levels of the tower to enjoy a wide array of restaurants and views of Paris. In the evenings, the Eiffel Tower is brightly lit and displays sparkles of light every hour.

Get the best light views of Paris by booking an evening boat tour in the Seine River. By boat, you get to see the lights from the streets and bridges reflect off the water in a picturesque way along with the landmarks. From the Seine River, see why Paris is known as the City of Lights and one of the most romantic places in the world.

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