Kashmir (Srinagar) – “Gar firdaus, ruhe zamin ast…hamin asto..hamin asto.. hamin asto”


The much awaited news of air tickets confirmation for Srinagar had arrived filling me with a streak of excitement and peace all at once, in profusion. After the exhaustive hustle bustle of packing up every important thing we might need on the trip, we soon found ourselves at the airport, ready to take off. The […]

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Dream holiday – Edinburgh, Scotland

Old Town  Edinburgh Scotland

If you are touring the United Kingdom, Scotland is a destination that must not be missed. Scotland poses a totally different scene from London, its mesmerizing landscape and wildlife is picture perfect. Scotland has a rich and colorful history, when you tour around the Country, all the events come to life and it is the […]

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A Night With The Flood

A Night With The Flood

Err…….this is a short notice about my travel experience when I toured to Tamil Nadu on November, 23, 2005. Well now listen carefully. Sleets of rain drops dribbled upon the four wheeled vehicle we were travelling in. The vibrant sounds of the thunder made me to urinate inside the clunker. To make matters worse, it was […]

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The Land Of Lamas – Leh and Ladakh


I was 11 years old when I first visited the mysterious land of Leh, Ladakh. The breath taking beauty of this splendid place was nothing more than God’s true creation and of course the relentless diligence of our border road building forces. Ever since then, I have been fascinated by this unique terrain of both desert […]

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Goa the holiday paradise


Goa deems to be one of the best holiday Getaway’s in India. How many a times, I travel to Goa, when it is decision time for the next holiday, we as a family always decide on embarking on the next journey, to be at the alluring lap of Goa. I am not sure if it […]

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Sumptuous Kerala Breakfast – Must Try

kerala breakfast

Kerala, is popularly referred to as the God’s own country, the natural beauty is enthralling. You would be bowled over by the different scenery, the nature has to offer, you would be enchanted by the back water’s of Kumarakom and be bowled over by the undulating hills of Munnar.A perfect contrast would be, when you […]

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Share Your Travel Experience and Win MakeMyTrip’s Gift Voucher [CLOSED]


Due to lack of enough number of responses to this contest, we are closing this on immediate basis. Henceforth, no more entries /responses will be entertained for this contest We are pleased to launch our first contest-cum-giveaway which can make you win exciting gift vouchers including one that of a MakeMytrip. Its very simple to […]

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Want to “See Dead People”? Check Out These Top 5 Nighttime Ghost Tours

USS Hornet

As Halloween approaches, it’s time to think about ghosts and goblins again. And, there are plenty of the former around if you know where to look.  With this in mind, let’s take a look at the top 5 nighttime ghost tours. 5 – San Francisco, CA Despite its modern vibe, San Francisco is allegedly home […]

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Discovering Kerala: My First Visit To a small Keralian Village

Discovering Kerala

So yesterday we finally visited a Keralian house hold, belonging to my good friend. Anticipating a small town at first, the place turned out to be quite like a village, but it’s not like any village in my state West Bengal. And I wish every village in the country was like this one. A fool’s […]

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London tube – Lifeline for the tourist

The london Tube

The tube is celebrating its outstanding 150, years of creation and it is a true, engineering wonder. The tube carriers millions of people every single day, they travel to their work place and majority of the tourist, travel in the tube for sightseeing. The proposers of the wonderful idea of establishing the tube did not […]

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