Shopping from the street is such a treat

chatuchak bangkok

As they say, ‘God is found in the little things’! A travel experience isn’t complete without experiencing the real taste of the place you are visiting and an Indian’s heart is not content until he has tasted the street foods or picked up distinctive curios or clothes that spell wow at the first look, off […]

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Faro- where the sun kisses the beaches

Faro sun kisses the beaches

Faro, the capital city of the Algarve, is one of the best tourist destinations in Portugal. Medieval and modern vie here side by side. Cathedrals, Museums, underwater sports, migratory birds, gourmet restaurants, friendly cafes and relaxing beaches are its visiting hotspots. A wise tourist will keep at least 3 days for Faro for an enjoyable […]

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Goa – of Forts, Temples, Churches and More


Think of Goa and your mind conjures up images of sandy beaches, exciting water sports, chilled beer and delicious prawns and lobsters. But not many know that Goa has much more than this. It has its own share of forts, temples, ruins, waterfalls and many other interesting places. Churches Before shifting the state’s capital to […]

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Discover Hidden Secrets outside London

Windsor, Stonehenge and Bath Tour

Every year over a million tourists arrive into London from Europe looking to make the most of their short time in London. However, one of the things visitors forget is that there is so much more to the UK than just London and that there is a wealth of great attractions and cities across the […]

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Sri Lanka, An Exotic Place For Turtle Watching


 If you ever want to watch turtles, visit Sri Lanka, for it is the best location to view all the exotic species of turtle. According to the facts, five out of the total seven species of turtles are found in Sri Lankan sea waters, making it the ideal destination for sea animal lovers. Turtles are […]

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Top 5 Lures for Relishing the Extravagant Nightlife of USA

New York City

The entertainment capital of the world, USA is a star that dazzles the planet as the sun goes down. The nation is a one big package for night owls offering the best of entertainment and the most pleasurable night settings ever. Grabbing cities like naughty New York City, lucrative Las Vegas, charming Chicago, mesmerizing Miami […]

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Evening and Night Cruises in Goa

Night Life Cruises – Goa

If you want to enjoy Goa nightlife then you just can’t miss party on the cruise. The party on the cruise offers you a unique night party experience. Once the sun sets and the night begins the party on the cruise starts in the background of sea ‘s scenic beauty touching the dark clouds. You […]

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Maldives the land of Scuba diving

Maldives - Scuba diving

Maldives is famous for its picture perfect islands and it has over thousand islands and many are not inhabited. The white sugary sandy beaches are a real treat to see and perfect for holidays dominated by scuba diving. The feature that sets Maldives apart from other holiday destinations is its marine life. Taking a deep […]

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Enticing traditional Kerala gastronomy

Onam Sadhya - Kerala

Kerala is the land of spices and it offers an array of food to tourist. It has a multitude of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes at offer. A feature that is truly special to Kerala is that, each city you travel to, the way of cooking and the cuisine put forward is diverse. If you are […]

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Be safe, and have a hassle free trip, to Europe

travel-tips- Europe

Europe is now the hot spot for tourists and thousands of people travel to Europe, every day to get a glimpse of its amazing sights, culture and cuisine. The thought of travelling is very exciting, but it is important to research, about the place well, before you embark on the journey. With a number of […]

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