Maldives the land of Scuba diving

September 17, 2013

in Maldives

Maldives is famous for its picture perfect islands and it has over thousand islands and many are not inhabited. The white sugary sandy beaches are a real treat to see and perfect for holidays dominated by scuba diving. The feature that sets Maldives apart from other holiday destinations is its marine life. Taking a deep dive into the sea helps you to have a view of the magical marine life.

The best time to visit Maldives is during the months of December to April. It is a tropical Country and gets abundance of rains, from the months of July to August and also some showers even during the summer months. Maldives is famous for its diving, and tourist can enjoy this sport all along the year.

Maldives - Scuba diving

In dept of Scuba diving

There are different types of scuba diving activities on offer from shallow reefs, to the deep walls of the marine life and the choice is left to the tourist. It is on offer all through the year, but monsoon months can hamper your excitement.

Tourists have the option to book a holiday to Maldives and make arrangements for scuba diving through the resort they are staying at. Another option for Maldives, that tour operators organize are packages, with different kinds of scuba diving an individual would love to experience.

Scuba - diving

Popular Scuba diving destinations – Maldives

Vaavu Atoll

This is a famous destination among tourists who want to indulge in diving and live aboard cruises. The weather patterns influences the diving prototype to a large extent. According to the season and the currents you can see schools of sharks and eagle rays. This place is popular during the months of May to July.

South Male Atoll

Kandooma Thila
It is one of the top dive destinations, rich in its inexhaustible fish life. The North and West coasts have huge schools of red bass and soft corals. Occasionally green turtles are also seen amid the divers.

Embudhu Express

This is a sensational diver’s spot for experienced divers. There are plenty to see for divers in this area, you are sure to get a glimpse of grey reef sharks, buffer fly fish and sharks.

 Learning to dive

If you have never experienced diving and are eager to explore the oceanic life, this is the opportunity of your life time and there are a number of providers who do basic to advanced  scuba diving lessons. Courses are provided for a day to a week and the course fee would vary from fifty dollars to four hundred dollars, according to the expertise you would like to gain.

Maldives provides a total holiday package, from excellent resorts on serene locations, delectable cuisine, unspoilt beaches and a number of water sports. Do a good research and choose the area and the package you would like to experience. This would be a journey of your lifetime, and would be able to enjoy the beauty of marine life and at the end of the trip would be an excellent scuba diver.

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