Main Sights of Venice Italy, Tips on how to plan and where to go

March 31, 2013

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Italy is a country where maximum tourist visit every year. In the ancient times of the Old Kingdom, Italian city’s harbors served many people who used to travel from one place to another. Cities like Florence, Venice, Naples, Milan, Rome, Bologna are most sought after by tourists for its cultural and social aspects. The nightlife in some of these cities is really contagious. To enjoy everything that this country offer, it is necessary that you plan your trip well in advance. Planning is the key to a successful trip. Here are some tips that you may find useful:

Tips on Planning your Travel to Italy

– The large tourist influx occurs between June and September. Try to travel outside these times (April – May and September – November). As this will help you to find the lowest prices, smaller queues and the temperature continue to be quite enjoyable.

– Never forget your travel insurance to avoid unpleasant surprises, like you updated your checkups like medical the dental as well as optically .

– Make sure you have your passport and is valid at least until the return trip. Citizens of countries including: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and given them permission to stay 3 months after their arrival, assuming they are not students or tourists and travelers with a business purpose.

– At the time of packing, choose to take less baggage. One bag is enough. Entry and exit of public transport, walking on the street (not all hotels have a lift) will be quite difficult to do if you load more than one bag. And remember always keep empty space in the suitcase for purchases you make during your stay, believe it will be hard to resist.

Besides the beauty of its streets waterfowl, Venice has many beautiful buildings that deserve to be known, check the list of the main sights of Venice, Italy .

Basilica dei Frari
Basilica dei Frairi: this glorious Gothic church of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, was built in 1330, is associated with the name of Titian, a famous Venetian painter who is buried there along with another famous Venetian, Antonio Canova, a great sculptor.

Basilica di San Marco
Basilica di San Marco: a Byzantine basilica of St. Mark was founded in the ninth century as a refuge for the relics of St. Mark. Built with a Greek architecture, this church has refined gold mosaics. Here’s where it gets the greatest treasures of Venice, as the great icon Madonna Nicopeia. The crypt inside this basilica was made with sapphires, emeralds and rubies.

Campanile di San Marco
Campanile di San Marco: The tallest structure in Venice is the campanile, or bell tower. From its top the view across Venice is fascinating with 97 meters high, visitors need to make that big climb to see the city’s rooftops. An interesting fact is that you cannot see the canals of Venice from the top of the tower. In 1902 the tower collapsed, but was rebuilt exactly as it was.

Museo di San Marco
Museo di San Marco: this museum is home to numerous collections of mosaics and fabrics that were an important part of architectural history and culture of Italy. Mosaics are discarded recovered here in a studio dedicated to it.

Palazzo Ducale
Palazzo Ducale: A beautiful palace of Venice, created to be the home of a former leader of Venice, the Doge. This palace is a blend of Gothic and Islamic, dated 1365.Its interior has been already a Renaissance style, dating from the 16th century. Here you can enjoy some pictures of Titian and Belline.

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