London tube – Lifeline for the tourist

August 23, 2013

in London,United Kingdom

The tube is celebrating its outstanding 150, years of creation and it is a true, engineering wonder. The tube carriers millions of people every single day, they travel to their work place and majority of the tourist, travel in the tube for sightseeing. The proposers of the wonderful idea of establishing the tube did not have a comfortable journey. They had to wait for years together, to get the approvals through; the reason for its existence was that, the London roads were becoming extremely crowded.

The london Tube

 The first journey of the tube was on 9 January 1863,it was built by the Metropolitan Railways. A number of people lost their lives in during the construction work. The tube has defined London, and I don’t think there would be anyone in London who has not taken at least a single journey in the tube. Currently the tube runs of 11 lines, covering 270 stations all over London.

My experience

I took my first journey in the tube to have a wonderful view of the Buckingham Palace; I boarded at Canary Wharf station and was to get down at Green Park. I was so awe struck at the magnitude of people walking up and down the escalators. The escalators especially at the old stations are huge and really steep. I was a little panicky, with the crowd around and was enthralled with the casual manner; others were going around their business.

Escalator, London Underground 1933- tube

Travelling with my daughter was tricky initially, especially in the old stations, some do not have lifts, and we had to carry the pram across the steps. With experience we got about with the tricks of the trade. The best thing about the tube is that, even if you are a first time traveler, you just need not ask anyone for directions. The boards are so clearly marked, that you will know which line to take, and if you need to have any changes are visible. Every station has a huge map of the London tube, route map and the pattern followed across is the alike.


The tube

Ninety nine percent of the trains run according to clock work and every station has board on the frequency of the train. On boarding the train the first time, I was little jittery at the speed, with which the door opens and closes, but now I must admit I am a quickie. The travel to the destination is so quick and it is a real marvel on how people had the vision and had created it decades ago.

To any tourist who is visiting London, tube is the integral part of London, and this would be a journey of your lifetime. It is the most convenient way of transport, within the city and price wise, it is much reasonable in contrast to hiring a taxi which can be awfully expensive. If you are on a budget travel, you have excellent connectivity between all the prominent City airports, to get into the city.

I cannot picture London without the tube; we all depend on tube to get us around. Even a day of the year, when the tube does not ply, it puts London on standstill.

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yusri August 28, 2013 at 3:20 pm

I dont have go to London City. Thanks for you because describe here your journey through London Tube. This is really awesome journey for you.


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