Kids Friendly Restaurants – Enjoy Your Dinner Night in London

June 20, 2013

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Taking your family out for an evening dining with a cheerful drive in the busy city of London is something loved by the every one! Although the London nightlife is attached to nightclubs and parties, dinner night is very popular preferred. In fact people love to hang out with the family for a meal, especially for the evening meal in London, where all the family members undoubtedly enjoy their dinner night together!


There are plenty of places sprinkled with romance, where you can take your loveable spouse on a dinner night. Yet, if you have kids, taking your kids along with you can be really tricky to enjoy a delectable cuisine for your evening dining in London! Kids accompanying you for a pleasant evening dining may end up otherwise. Would you not love to hit a kid’s friendly restaurant that gives a comfortable ambiance for you and your kids to enjoy the dinner night? We give you the top kids’ friendly restaurant to enjoy your dinner night in London!

All Star Lanes – Perfect Place for a Dinner Night to enjoy with your family

Kids Friendly Restaurant All Star Lanes

If you decide to take your family to All Star Lanes for a dinner night, probably you can never forget your special evening! The bar cum restaurant serves delectable cuisine and a variety of foods loved both by kids and elders! Burgers, Ice creams, fries, BBQ wings to cocktails, wine and beer, All Star Lanes offer you everything that makes a memorable evening dining in London. Of course, the restaurant has a great retro styled interior decorated with bright lights, something loved by the kids! Undoubtedly, All Star Lanes is a kids friendly restaurant, not just in terms of food choices, but also the ambience.

Giraffe – Not an animal here, a deserved restaurant for an amusing dinner night


A chain of restaurants scattered in various nightlife spots in London, highly deserved as kids friendly restaurant to enjoy a dinner night in London. Harmonious atmosphere, welcoming and kind staff, range of delicious new varieties inexpensive food choices, it’s already made Giraffe a popular kids friendly restaurant among the regular diners who enjoy the evening dining. Just take a look at the below pictures, the bright, vibrant and lively interior depicts that the restaurant is kid-friendly!


Giraffe restaurant

Bumpkin – Colorful foods to enjoy your dinner night along with kids


Well, taking your family for an evening dining definitely involves indulging in delectable foods. Take your kids to Bumpkin, located at three places in London, which provide the admirable menu exclusively for kids. The foods look colorful with artistic presentation on the plates and tend to call you ‘eat me!’ Besides, Bumpkin is the ideal place to enjoy the authentic British Cuisine, obviously loved by the adults.


Surprisingly, Bumpkin is also a popular restaurant for a dinner night in London among the new mommies!


Bumpkin is the real kids friendly restaurant in London for its rich varieties of exclusive kid’s menu!

Rainforest Café – A treat for your Kids as a special dinner night

Rainforest cafe

Probably, the largest and even the best kids friendly restaurant in London.  The special theme park style interiors entice not only the kids, but also the adults! The huge space is a tropical paradise to enjoy the dinner night in London. Enjoy the rich organic foods amidst the animatronics wildlife, especially the roaring elephants, delightful aquarium, graphics and special sound effects with thunder and lighting setup replicating a true rainforest atmosphere! Besides, the rainforest café offer the special menu, the favorite foods of kids, pizzas, burgers, fries, meatballs, ice creams, noodles, etc.!

rai forest

Relish your special dinner night in London with everlasting memories at Rainforest Café. Of course, you will often visit the café for experiencing the fine dining in the London rainforest!


Mulberry Street – For Pizzerians for the dinner night


If your kids are crazy about eating Pizzas, then look no further than Mulberry Street, not a street name in London, rather an American Style Pizzeria for your evening dining in London! The restaurants fulfill the Pizzerians with a variety of large and tiny Pizzas. Besides, you can keep your children engaged with the cartoons!

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Fiona Maclean July 17, 2013 at 11:48 am

Bounce works along the same lines as All Star Lanes, but with Ping Pong! it’s another great place to take your kids – fab food and a fun activity for all!


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