How to Spend One Night in Bangkok – A Guide for Busy Bees

June 18, 2013

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Bangkok is one of the bustling cities that offer nonstop nightlife entertainment through plenty of nightlife spots. Bangkok is more known for the entertaining nightlife, affordable nightclubs, and extensive shopping in the night markets. Moreover, Bangkok, which is crowned as the most visited travel destinations, undoubtedly, attracts thousands of visitors every month! Many busy travelers could not find much time to spend their days and nights lavishly in cities like Bangkok. What do you do if you hardly have one night or just a few hours to spend in the bustling city with non-stop nightlife entertainment?

One Night in Bangkok – Not enough actually

One night in Bangkok is one of the popular pop tracks that received positive and critical acclaims from the listeners! Well, you cannot imagine spending just one night in Bangkok! Nightlife in Bangkok is not really something that you can explore and enjoy on a night! Every time you visit Bangkok, the lively city provides you something new. You need more than a night, several days, weeks and even months to enjoy the sparkling nightlife in this city, the top rated travel destination.

Is one night in Bangkok enough? Here is the special guide to the ‘busy bees’, how to spend one night in Bangkok.

Spend one night in Bangkok at the top of the sky

Rooftop bars and restaurants form the major part of nightlife in Bangkok. Yet, there are a few special places, where you can rise and reach the smug effortless.

Moon Bar, which provides 360 degree panoramic views of the bustling city, is the best place to spend a few hours.

Roof Top bars to spend one night in Bangkok

Next to moon bar, eat your way in the sky by reaching the 63rd floor at Sky Bar. Sky bar, one of the famous rooftop bars in the world, is also rewarded as the world’s highest Al Fresco Restaurant!

Running short of time to spend one night in Bangkok? Don’t look any further; hang out in any of these rooftop bars! Enjoy your music, sip your favorite drink, eat the rich Thai delicacies along with a range of cuisines, and unwind yourself blissfully in the clouds!

Lavishly shop one night in Bangkok

What to do to spend one night in Bangkok? Being one of the affordable shopping destinations, Bangkok night markets attract travelers from many parts of the world who go for massive shopping. If you are a Shopaholic, then night markets in Bangkok are the right place to hit. Don’t worry about the budget! Grab great deals and bargain sales from this shopping spree at a very cheaper price. Read here to know more about the night markets in Bangkok

One night in Bangkok – Do something weird

Bangkok nightlife although is the face of parties and nightclubs, the city has many facets. So why not try and do something weird?

  • Go and befriend a monk – The city has plenty of Monasteries and you can always witness a group of monks. Monks actually receive huge respect in Bangkok! Befriend a monk and get blessings along with the enormous amount of essential oils!
  • Spend the Bangkok nightlife spiritually by witnessing the pilgrim centers.


  • Witness the boxing match and cheer your favorite boxer to spend one night in Bangkok effortlessly.
  • Why not try some delicious (!) Thai Cuisine – Food markets showcases some weird stuff like lizard, insects, snake, etc. Indulge in that exclusive food; probably you may never forget your one night stay in Bangkok.
  • If you drink, then try out the special Thai Whiskey – Nothing but the wine infused with COBRA! Here is the picture!


  • Dare to drink it? Well, it is loaded with medicinal benefits. Drink the Cobra Whiskey, i.e Thai Whiskey and bid adieu to chronic Fatigue, bloating, insomnia and even boosts your libido!
    • Sorry guys,! We are not responsible if something goes wrong.. Whatever may be your experience, I assure that you will not forget that ‘One night in Bangkok!’

Still could not figure out how to spend one night in Bangkok? Just go and get some sleep. It is definitely a weird way in the bustling Bangkok nightlife! The best and safest way!

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