Process Guidelines and Terms & Conditions for Freelance Writers

We require regular submissions. The more you submit, the more you make money. It is endless and unlimited money making opportunity for you.

  • We expect to see at least one article per day. There is no upper limit. However, we prefer quality over quantity.
  • So, if you are writing quality and keyword rich content, then it won’t make much difference even if you are not able to meet one article per day condition. However, it would be purely on company’s discretion.
  • The articles should be of length of minimum 500 words. Article should be unique and unpublished, free of all the spelling and grammar mistakes, using correct understandable English language.
  • Overall, you should be able to write and submit at least 22 articles per month. This is because we would like our freelance writers to make a good amount of money each month which should be at par with other freelance writers who are working for us from India and abroad.
    We reserve all the rights to approve or reject the article you submit. You get paid only for the approved and published articles. So, you must ensure to write and submit only quality content to avoid the rejections.
  • We have an incremental payment plan for the benefit of writers who are serious and sincere with their work. Check the details in the below section.
  • The payment rate will be released once you reach the minimum threshold amount mentioned in the next section.
  • We have all the copyrights for the published articles. The articles may or may not be published in your name.
  • We reserve all the rights to use your services for as long as we want.
  • We have rights to update /change /amend the above and below mentioned guidelines, process and T&C without any intimation or prior notice.
  • Please don’t forget to read this document fully to understand all the terms and conditions and guidelines.

Incremental Payment Plan

Payment Rate Per Approved & Published Article /Minimum Threshold

Rs. 50  / Rs. 4500



Suggested Topics for the Articles

Evening and Night tours of the world’s famous destinations (detailed review, info, tips, safety measures etc.).

Please do not simply rewrite what other websites have written. It is against copyright act. You can only take a reference, but not steal their ideas, information or solutions. Such articles would be rejected.

How to Write /Submit Article on the site

Go to following link to login to your account;

User name – <created based on process mentioned in the end below>
Password – <created based on process mentioned in the end below>

After Login, follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Click Posts / Add New on Left or New Post at the top.
  • Enter title.
  • Copy paste your article. Remember you do not have to copy paste article from MS Word. It brings all coding all with it and article would be rejected. Copy paste your article in Notepad first and then in the software.
  • Remake paragraphs by using Enter and Delete keys. Bold Important points, headings and sub headings. You must make use of heading 2 and it should contain the main keyword for the article as well. The main title of the article should also contain the desired keyword. Also, check the keyword density before submission i.e. minimum number of keyword per 100 words of article. You should keep a keyword density of around 2.5% to 3%.
  • Also, attach the relevant image for the article. It is your responsibility to ensure there are no copyright issues with the images you are attaching. Hence, you should find and attach only copyright free images. While inserting images, please ensure, the title and alt text of the images contain the desired keyword.
  • Give an enter space after every para, so that the article looks neat and clean.
  • On the right – choose categories and tags relevant for the article.
  • Click Submit for Review and you are done.
  • Our editors will review and publish the article if everything is alright. Else, they will reject the articles for corrections. In case, article is duplicate, totally incorrect, not relevant, then it may get deleted straightway without prior intimation. Multiple mistakes /rejections will lead to termination of your account.

Article Rejection

Following will lead to rejection of your submitted article.

  • If information given is wrong.
  • If there are spelling mistakes.
  • If there are any grammatical errors.
  • If it is of lesser word count. Article should be of 500 words length at minimum.
  • If title is wrong.
    If proper paragraphing is not there.
  • If you copy paste articles in the software from MS Word.
  • If it is a point form article. It should have proper paras and sub headings.
  • If the article is not keyword based or it is on an irrelevant topic.
  • If any line is found to be taken from any website or book. We use Copyscape / and many other sites to check all articles before submission. So you are requested to make an account with them in order to prevent article rejections or account closure.
  • If article is not SEO i.e. you have not taken care of the keywords.
  • Don’t use hindi words and slangs etc. Article should only be in English language.
  • If you use any kind of self promotion like using own name,, website/blog URL, links.
  • If you use any kind of adult /porn /sexual content.

Payment Conditions and Schedule

  • You can submit as many articles as you want. You must accumulate the earnings equal or more than the minimum threshold amount to get the payment in the subsequent month (after 15th of next month). If your total earning is lesser than the minimum threshold amount , then it will be carried forward to the next payment cycle and so on. If you are working for two projects with us i.e. writing for two separate blogs/websites, then both will be considered separately for the purpose of payments and threshold limit amount i.e. you can not merge them together.
  • The payment mode will be online transfer to your bank account. Hence, you will have to provide all the relevant account details required for the online transfer to your account. In case, you have doubt regarding that, you can ask your bank for the details and then provide only the correct details. In case of incorrect account and other details for the online transfer, only you will be responsible. We will not be responsible for any monetary or non-monetary loss for the same.

You need to email us when your payment become due as per above terms so that we can process it faster. You need to send a report in that email which should contain number and title of articles, date of publish etc. Please don’t email us if your payment for that period is less than the minimum threshold amount.

Account Termination

  • We will close your account in case we find that you are copying content/ articles/ lines from any site/ book or any media or taking all ideas from a particular website. So you lose this opportunity.
  • If the quality of article is low or there are repeated grammatical errors, we would close your account.
  • If you leave the work before you reach minimum threshold amount, we won’t pay you.
  • We won’t make payment if you don’t send us the email report well in time before the due date of payment. However, you will not lose your money even in that case, Only the amount will be carried forward to the next payment cycle.
  • We would close your account if we find that you are using these articles anywhere else as well. All of your earnings will also get forfeited.
  • We would close your account if you submit any previously done work in the website.
  • All the submitted articles will become our property. Only we will have rights on the content you submit and we have the rights to use that content wherever we want and it will always be solely our property, even if the displayed name on the site is yours. You should never use the articles /content anywhere else. If you do so, it will lead to termination of your account as well as your payment will get forfeited.
  • We reserve all the rights to approve or reject the articles you submit.
  • In case, you are not able to submit the content/articles on regular basis, account will get terminated and the entire earned amount will be forfeited. Our automated system terminates the account in the absence of any article submissions for 5 days continuous.
  • In case of violation of any of the above guidelines mentioned in this document and /or account termination due to any reason, the earned amount will be forfeited.

Procedure to Create Account

If you have read the above guidelines and agree to the same, then;

Like and join us on Facebook. This step is required so that you can recieve all the updates that we send out to our freelancer writers team. (MUST DO THIS to GET APPROVED) Go here ->

Click here to create an account for you and start submitting articles as per process mentioned in the section “How to write /submit articles” above. While creating account, please prefix “PFA” in the username that you choose. For example, if you want to choose username “Rajesh”, then make it as “PFA_Rajesh”. You can also click the below button to create an account for you.


After you have created an account for you, please use the below mentioned URL to login;

Please note, if you do not start submitting articles within 3 days of creating account, your account will automatically be deleted.

Please feel free to contact us in case you face any issue or need any help.

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