Food Tour to Night Markets in Taipei

May 29, 2013

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Night shopping is one of the interesting activities loved by the night owls. Shopaholics actually prefer night markets and night shopping is definitely an exciting nightlife activity. Night markets and night shopping are very popular in a few places like Bangkok, Hong Kong, etc. In fact, there are many people, other than the nightlife lovers fly down to these places exclusively for night shopping. While these night markets are considered the face of extensive and unlimited shopping spree for both locals and travelers, there is an exclusive destination, where sumptuous food is also a crucial part of the night markets. It is Taipei.

Shilin nightmarket

The capital city, Taipei, depicts the culture, economic and political centre of Taiwan, the Republic of China. Also known for the crowded and popular night markets, Taipei night markets are delicious too! While, your visit to Taiwan is almost incomplete without hitting at least one of the popular Taipei night markets, I’d say, it is incomplete if you fail to enjoy the delicacies in the Night markets in Taipei. In addition to cheap deals and great bargain sales, night markets in Taipei hosts some best eateries of the country! Let us take a delicious food tour to the night markets in Taipei.

What do you eat in one of the largest night markets in Taipei  – Shilin night market

When you ask the Taiwanese about the Taipei night markets, the majority of the locals recommend visiting the Taiwan’s largest and most famous night shopping spot, Shilin night market. With a wide range of food selections, from vegetables and fruits to exotic sea food and unique Chinese foods like crabs, lizard, snake, etc, Shilin night market offers you everything. It was constructed as a small day market by the Japanese, during 19th Century which developed into the largest night market in Taipei and also Taiwan. Don’t miss trying Oyster Omelette and delicious sausages services with chicken.  Be assured of one thing, that you will not leave this night market with fully-loaded stomach.

Enjoy the best food in the oldest night markets in Taipei – Raohe night market 

Known as one of the oldest Taipei night markets, Raohe night market is quite famous for its finest choice of foods. Also, it is first night market emerged in Taipei. If you want to enjoy eating something best offered by Taipei, then Raohe night market is the right place to hit. This night market is renowned for two famous foods, Pork rib soup and black pepper meat bun.


In spite of the closely located stalls creating a sort of jam-packed outlook in the Raohe night market, cleanliness, quality of foods, affordability, cordial service, etc induces the people to enjoy their food for years.

Weirdest night markets in Taipei – Snake Alley


Snake alley, also called as Huaxi street night market is the weirdest Taipei night markets. As indicated by its name, this night market serves different parts of Snakes in different forms! Huaxi night market is famous for snake venom, snake soup and snake blood(!). If you want to try out eating the weird foods and meats of reptiles, Huaxi night market is the best place. Besides serving snakes, Snake alley is famous for its Turtle soup! Locals, who are really bored with eating snakes, go for mice and crocodile. Dare to try these weird foods?

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