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September 16, 2013

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Kerala is the land of spices and it offers an array of food to tourist. It has a multitude of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes at offer. A feature that is truly special to Kerala is that, each city you travel to, the way of cooking and the cuisine put forward is diverse.

If you are fortunate to travel to five different cities in Kerala, you feel astonished at the different dishes you have tried and it would be tough to decide on which was the paramount dish.

Use of coconut – Kerala cuisine

Coconuts are grown in large quantity in Kerala and when you try out the cuisine in Kerala, you would realize that. Coconut appears in different form and shape in cookery. Grated coconut is used to make vegetarian dishes and meat alike and also for sweets. To get creamy fish curry and other gravies coconut milk is used. For condiments such as chutney and for ground version and sweet coconut is used as a paste. If you are not an ardent fan of coconut, by the time you are about to leave the state, you would be accustomed to the taste.

Sadya – Onam

Kerala Sadya is popular across all cities and is especially devoured by everyone on the occasion of Onam. With Onam fast approaching, the women folk are busy preparing wonderful dishes and it is a time of feast, in Kerala.

Onam Sadhya - Kerala

The Sadya is served on banana leaves and all the people sit on the floor and enjoy their meal. It is a vegetarian meal served, with boiled rice and an array of dishes. There is a particular order according to which the dishes are served, on the leaf. The typical dishes for a Sadya would include :

 Boiled rice
 Sambar
 Parippu – this is another form of dal
 Thoran
 Olan
 Pachadi
 Aviyal – It is a dish made of mixed vegetables
 Kaalan
 Sharkara upperi – chips made from jaggery
 Banana chips
 Pickle
 Papadam

The meal is ended by enjoying payasam on the banana leaf. Payasam is a sweet dish and it is popular across Kerala. There are different kinds of Payasam’s, one variety is made from vermicelli and milk and the other is made from banana and jaggery.I t is a must to taste payasam when in Kerala.

Non- Vegetarian dishes

The non-vegetarian dishes in Kerala are cooked in an assortment of spices and are towards the spicy side. Some of the popular dishes are Karimeen Pollichatu.It is popularly known as Pearl spot fish and this is one of the authentic dishes in Kerala. Most of the tourists travel to the backwaters of Kerala, and this dish is well-liked in Allepey. The fish is coated in a thick gravy consistency of spices, which is spicy and tangy. The fish is wrapped in banana leaves, and grilled.

Kappa and Meen curry – translated as tapioca and fish curry. This is a famous dish especially in toddy shops of Kerala. The tapioca is boiled and cut into cubes or the other form involves mashing it and serving with spicy fish curry, which is cooked in red gravy. Beef fry cooked in coconut oil and shavings of coconut pieces is very famous across Kerala, commonly referred as beef Ulathiyathu

Karimmen pollichatu -Kerala

If a trip to God’s own Country is on the cards, do not forget to try out the mouthwatering cuisine of Kerala. It would be a true tingling of taste buds.

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