Dream holiday – Edinburgh, Scotland

September 11, 2013

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If you are touring the United Kingdom, Scotland is a destination that must not be missed. Scotland poses a totally different scene from London, its mesmerizing landscape and wildlife is picture perfect. Scotland has a rich and colorful history, when you tour around the Country, all the events come to life and it is the time to start your discovery of Scotland.

Old Town  Edinburgh Scotland

I travelled to Edinburgh, from Manchester, and the train journey takes three and half hours. We boarded from Manchester Piccadilly station, and our destination was Waverley Station in Edinburgh. The journey is so picturesque, it cannot be described, and has to be personally experienced. The valleys are divided by streams, flowing through them and flocks on sheep are wandering beside them. You can see a number of Caravans, parked in these areas and it is a totally different lifestyle it portrays.

The City – Edinburgh

We started out sightseeing by heading to the, Edinburgh castle it dominates the view of the city, and once you see this castle, you will realize as to why people come and visit this castle. It portrays the history of the Scottish people, and no trip is complete without paying a visit to this spectacular Castle.

The Scottish Parliament, building has one of the most unique designs and it is an architectural wonder. The building is built up of steel, oak and granite and the building, is contradictory to all other traditional looking, parliaments of any other Country.

The Princess street is the main area, if you are keen on shopping and it poses all the possible modern stores a city can have, and the walk on Princess street is lovely and from the road, you can see the lovely view of the Edinburgh Castle. While walking around in the city you will hear the lovely music from the bagpipes, played by Scottish men in Kilt, and this gives us a true Scottish feel.

Highland Tour

The best way to see the Highlands of Scotland is to book with a good tour operator, and they take you around in luxury buses. These buses have live commentary and they truly have the gift of the gab, and keep you giggling throughout the day. Most of the tours begin from the Edinburgh Castle, so it is easy to hop on to them. The highland tour, takes a full day, and keep aside a day, for this tour alone.

One of the places that are a must to be visited on Highland tours is the Loch Ness ,this is a massive freshwater Lake and the tour guide, gives a wonderful narration of the story of the monster who lives in the Lake, and the scenery is picture perfect and you can also take a cruise in this place.

The next stop for us was at the, Stirling Castle is one of the most important Castle’s in Scotland, and it is known for its architecture and historical significance, and it is breathtakingly beautiful.

Scotland is famous for its whisky, and Malt Whisky Trail is one of its kinds in the world and they demonstrate, the various processes, involved in manufacturing of whisky. You can try the different kind of whiskies, that are manufactured and you would definitely be happy high.

The tour of Edinburgh, will leave you enthralled, and all the buildings portray a story, and its culture and you will treasure this trip all through your life.

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