Dos and Donts – Nightlife Guide to Girls

May 6, 2013

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For guys, it seems so easy and comfortable to enjoy a great night in the outdoors enjoying, drinking and dancing away the night effortlessly. But it isn’t so easy for girls to have their joyous and fun-filled nights at nightclubs and bars even in the renowned night club destinations and party isles. An extra care and added effort are required by girls for an entertaining night out, for the girls nightlife! Well, there is nothing too extravagant, rather these are very simple and essential nightlife basics, that make you prettier and cozy in the dazzling nightlife atmosphere. Want to enjoy the nightlife to the core? Girls, read on the following dos and don’t guide to girls nightlife.

Girls Nightlife

Girls Nightlife – Dos

Choose the accessories wisely to get an uplift in your appeal and personality. Even the simple or dull outfits can be transformed into cool outfit and you will get the typical party mood to enjoy the fun-filled girls nightlife. So, choose your accessories wisely.

First thing, check your shoes. Don’t mess with your shoes, as if you choose something that is not comfortable, it will be reflected and revealed in your face abruptly. You will display a sort of discomfort in your face, even if you enjoy the night party to the core. Go for comfortable yet trendy shoes to match your style, apparel and of course the mood of the night party. High-heeled shoes make a good choice, but not all have comfort in walking, rather wearing the high-heels.

Girls nightlife

Walk in style along with comfort!

Secondly, irrespective of the apparel you choose, make sure you team up your apparel with coat. Coat is a versatile and fashionable accessory that spices up your look and make you look extremely cool. Whether it is a waistcoat or a blazer, a fur coat or a lace coat, don’t hesitate to take your coat with you before you hit the nightclubs to enjoy the girls nightlife to the core!

Would you not love gaining the attention of the heavy crowd, at least a few people in the nightclub? Then choose some unique, flirting and cool accessories, that can make you look unique in the crowd. Well, get a trendy eyeglasses or wear a luxurious watch or get some makeover with a trendy hairstyle, something different from your regular hairdo! It can be a larger and a chunky ear ring or a long chain or even a hair accessory!

Cool accessories - Girls nightlife

It is because, girls who carry the trendy and state-of-the-art accessories carry themselves easily on the nightclubs without any hesitation and enjoy the girls nightlife fully!

Choose the safe place to hang out with your friends. There are many girl friendly nightclubs and bars to hit and enjoy the girls nightlife.

Girls Nightlife – Donts

Despite taking care about how you look and how you carry yourself to enjoy the girls nightlife, you should be more cautious about what you should not do! Now read on about Donts on the girls nightlife.


  • Ditch your flat shoes at least for the night party.  It makes no appeal and not suitable for a hot and entertaining night party.
  • Please don’t carry your heavy and extra large handbags to the night party. Nightclubs and bars are probably the only place where you cannot indulge in shopping! So, don’t remember to carry your hand bags to the night party. Also, ditch your large purse. Go for a small and compact wallet or a shoulder bag to accentuate your party look for the exclusive girls nightlife.


  • Again, remember that if you want to enjoy the girls nightlife in the nightclubs and bars to the fullest, throw away all your worries about your boyfriend! It is not a place to discuss issues about your our boyfriend. It is the place to enjoy yourself.

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enjoy the girls nightlife, you should be more cautious about what you should not do! Now read on


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