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April 6, 2013

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Bangalore, the garden city, is the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka. This city is called the garden city because of the plantation, on either side of the broad roads of this city. Bangalore is the information technology capital of India and is also called the silicon valley of India. This is because many multinational IT companies, like Infosys, are located here.

bangalore nightlife

Bangalore has a fantastic network of roads and flyovers. The metro running through this city is also a very good way to commute. The major landmarks in this city are UB City, Glass house at Lal Bagh, Vidan Soudha, Shiva Statue and Bagmane Tech Park. The architecture of this city is very impressive. UB City, when illuminated at night, looks very grand. The building of the IT Company, Infosys is pyramidal in shape. The Vidan Soudha building is beautiful and the Shiva statue is huge. Bagmane Tech Park has buildings which are unique and unusual in shape.

A glimpse of Bangalore’s nightlife

Bangalore overflows with pubs, nightclubs and bars. The young crowd flocks these night destination, in trendy club wear. Young men and women are seen consuming alcohol. Bangalore is undoubtedly the most happening nightlife destination in India.

Hint lounge bangalore nightlife

Hint lounge

Hint is a nightclub in the happening city of Bangalore. This nightclub has a DJ and a dance floor. Only members of Hint lounge are allowed entry and even stags are allowed entry. There is paid parking and a cover charge in this nightclub. Located in Bangalore Central Mall, this lounge also offers hookah.

Athena nightclub

Located in the Leela Palace, Athena is a posh nightclub in Bangalore. There is a cover charge as well as an entry fee in this club. There is valet parking, which is covered. There is a dance floor and a DJ, but stags are not allowed entry.

Pebble nightclub

Located near the Palace Grounds, Pebble is a popular nightclub in Bangalore. There is a cover charge and valet parking here. Credit cards are accepted in this nightclub. There is a dance floor and a DJ, but stags are not allowed entry here.

Amnesia nightclub

This club, located in the Chancery Pavilion, has valet parking. There is a DJ and stags are allowed entry here. Credit cards are accepted and there is a cover charge in this nightclub.

Blue Ice lounge bar

This nightclub, located on M.G road, offers a dance floor and a DJ. Moreover, stags are allowed here. The entry is free and there is valet parking. All the standard credit cards are accepted in Blue Ice lounge bar.

Blue Ice lounge bar

Bangalore experiences a moderate climate throughout the year, so the winters are not very cold and the summers are not very hot. The best time to visit this city is during the winter, which is from October to February. These are also the crowd pulling months. Apart from the metro service, Bangalore is well connected by auto rickshaws.

Bangalore, being a metropolis, has visitors all year round; therefore you should make hotel reservations in advance. Bangalore is not only an IT hub, but also a cool city with an exciting nightlife.

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