Celebrity Owned Nightlife Venues in Miami – More Colors, More Flavors and More Fun in Miami Nightlife

April 18, 2013

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Crowded streets, heavy music, lively nights, buzzing life, celebrity sneak peaks, exotic drinks, cocktails, etc are the integral part of the Nightlife in Miami. Miami, one of the party isles of the world is known for spotting your favorite celebrities. Just like us, even the renowned celebrities seem to enjoy their night with full of fun and vibrancy at Miami. There are many cozy bars and nightclubs in Miami where celebrities hit at night and let them loose to have fun! Sometimes, very surprisingly you will have an opportunity to get the glimpse of your favorite Alister or peek into some arousing celebrity fight or affair! Besides, we have a bit of curiosity to know about who owns the nightclubs in Miami, where the celebs hit. Many times, you will certainly be surprised to learn about  the owner of a nightclub, as a renowned tv star may be the owner of the nightclub in Miami, you wildly partied  a few days back! While many celebs hit the city to enjoy the Miami nightlife, there are a few celebrity owned nightclubs and venues in Miami. Take a look at the nightlife venues in Miami owned by celebrities.

Ink Nightclub – Nightlife Venues in Miami to get inked

Ink nightlcub

You want to be crowned as a celebrity in Miami? You need not be an athlete or a reality TV star or even a Hollywood star to gain the status of celebrity. A simple tattoo art, make you an artist and crown you as a celebrity. Miami Ink was a popular and hit TV show! The Ink Nightclub, the famous nightclub in Miami was once a small shop got struck by fame and popularity in a short time due to the popularity of the show! The young boys, who owned the shop expanded the small shop and transformed the shop into a great spot in the Miami nightlife scene. Interesting themes and eye-catching interior decors undoubtedly attracts the VIP clientele! Ink Nightclub is not just the celebrity owned nightlife venue in Miami, but also a hottest nightclub in Miami.

The dream nightlife venue in Miami – EX NFL Star made his dream come true Dream Nightclub

Dream Nightclub

Once lesser known spots in Miami were transformed into one of the important nightlife venues in Miami by an ex-NFL star. Kevin Hardy, renowned for hitting and punching the cowboys made a great achievement in the world’s popular nightlife location, Miami. He has added an extra flavor and texture to the nightlife scenes in Miami by transforming the infamous spot into hotspot Miami nightlife. This the most famous celebrity owned nightlife venue in Miami.

Mokai – The Best Nightlife Venue in Miami


Among the few famed celebrity owned nightlife venues in Miami, Mokai is the best! The attractive nightclub in Miami attracts many pretty women! Yes, the sparkling nightlife scenes in Miami become much more colorful and vibrant on every Tuesday!  Many women hit Mokai in Tuesday’s chic and cool party at night! So, thank Rony Seikaly, the Ex-star of Miami who owns this night club! The best nightlife venue attracts a plenty of Alisters, besides being so attractive on Tuesdays.  Enjoy the best nightlife

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