Bustling Nightlife in Bangkok – Enjoy Shopping Spree at Night Markets in Bangkok

April 10, 2013

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With invigorating hedonism at one side and pious spiritualism on the other side, Bangkok, the metropolis of Thailand is unquestionably an enchanting paradise. Whether it is the culture, or the street market, or the food or the spicy nightlife, Bangkok attracts millions of travelers to hit the city. Nightlife in Bangkok needs no introduction as the city entices plenty of visitors to enjoy their holidays and special nights with intoxicating night spots. Yet, Bangkok nightlife is not just about the cool and cozy bars, pubs and clubs. Nightlife in Bangkok has a different face beyond the typical party night! While a day in Bangkok sizzles with glitzy malls, the night bustles with night markets. Yes, night markets are the face of nightlife in Bangkok. In fact, the night markets of Bangkok, a forte of this city offers 24 hours seamless, ceaseless shopping opportunities. Night markets in Bangkok also reflect the night revelry in shopping capital! If you not sure about what to do in Bangkok, just hit the night markets in Bangkok, the haven for shopaholics.

Popular Night Markets in Bangkok

Patpong Night Market Patpong Night Market – The famous night market in Bangkok


While the nightlife in Bangkok is attributed to night markets, you will find many popular night markets in the city. Yet, the most popular shopping spree of Bangkok is Patpong Night market. While Patpong literally means adults, men and women, it is also the face of night markets in Bangkok. The Patpong Night market has become the ‘must to shop’ night shopping destinations in the Bangkok. Avid shoppers never miss the opportunity to grab the goods at a very cheaper from this shopping spree.

What to buy: You can literally buy anything from this market. However, it is the best place to buy a range of teen clothing.

Bangkok Night Market Bangkok Night Market


Bangkok Night market, also called as Suan Lum in Thai language is yet another crowded and famed market that entices tourists hit the market. This is the real night market in Bangkok as you don’t seem to enter the shopping destination until evening. While the price in the Bangkok night market is definitely not competitive, you can always bargain to grab the best deals on various supplies.

What to buy: The night market in Bangkok is quite famous for jewelry, exclusive Thai clothing, home decoration items and shoes.

Tips: You can grab substantial discounts if you bargain with the seller. Also, shop when it is dark as you will be surprised with the incredible discounts and bargain deals in the late hours.

You can experience the exotic shopping experience in one of the world’s largest markets in the outdoor spread across 25 acres of land in the Bangkok Nightlife. JJ market, famed as Chatuchak Weekend Market offers you everything you need, from pin to plane.

What to buy: You will be tempted by plenty of shopping malls in Chatuchak Weekend Market. You can buy silk, clothing, traditional Thai house wares, arts, antiques, and handicrafts at best prices. Remember unlike the Bangkok night market, you cannot bid your bargain.

Chatuchak-Weekend-Market - Shopping Spree Chatuchak-Weekend-Market – Shopping Spree


Tips: Since it is quite big, you would get lost easily in the huge market. So, grab a map before you enter this exclusive shopping world at Bangkok.

How to Shop in the Night Markets in Bangkok

Shopping in the night markets in Bangkok is all about the bargains, except at Chatuchak Weekend Market. Since night markets in Bangkok are a part of the entertaining Bangkok nightlife, plan in advance spend the entire night in the shopping spree. While there are many night shopping destinations opens till 2am, there are a few shopping malls that are closed by 10 pm.

Although the shopping haven offers the cheap bargains, you can find the best deals on clothing for teens and special Thai designer clothes.

Buy in bulk at any night market in Thailand, which means buying a minimum of 5 items in a shop, so you will gain more discounts.

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