A Brief Yet Complete Guide to London City Tour

August 23, 2012

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London is well known as the the city that never sleeps. Tradition and modernity both are mixed in each of the streets of London . The arrival of tourism is impressive here, so much so that each year London hosts an estimated 30 million people who wish to reveal their innermost secrets.  As a cosmopolitan city, London has attractions for everyone. A tour can begin with the famous Picadilly Street, the main street of the city chic, ideal if you want to go shopping in exclusive boutiques where businesses are interspersed Dolce & Gabbana, Cartier or Channel. At the end of the tour you will find one of the busiest squares, the Picadilly Circus .

london city tour Big Ben, London

A famous place you cannot forget to pay a visit to Madame Tussauds Museum. And get a picture clicked with renowned people from the world. It is a wax museum ‘Madame Tussauds Museum’ has more than 300 characters in the past and present. Here you will find sculptures of Barack Obama and Brad Pitt, the royal family or historical figures like Hitler and many other celebrity figures.

madame tussauds london

Looking at the space in the Museum, “Believe it or not!” it has a collection of rarity spread over five floors. One of the most peculiar attractions is a car coated with a million Swarovski crystals. But also there’s a chance to get lost in the maze of mirrors or see different sights of nature.

st_james_park_londonIf you want to relax you can rest at St. James Park, the oldest of the Royal Parks of London. This stretches up to 57 acres and is also the oldest football ground. It’s in the heart of the city and thus invites people to a picnic spot or meets the animals. The Park has a small lake St. James Park Lake, where drawbridges and old buildings will be the backdrop. And if one wishes he can choose to take a stroll.

In order to experience the true essence of multicultural London’s nothing better than shopping in Camden Town Market. The open air and indoor market where we find the most varied interspersed culinary. It’s also known as home of fashion and design. However, to your further surprise, there is something characteristic of Camden Town that is the facade of their houses each with unimaginable objects that adorn the streets extravagantly.

Palace of WhitehallThe heart of British parliament where a stately air you can breathe in, The Palace of Whitehall. It was the main residence of the English monarchs. It’s been reported in the distant past that changing of the guard is the ceremony here. Another official London residence of Britain’s sovereigns is the Buckingham Palace , which occasionally opens its doors to the curious public. However, the Big Bang, another true political center of London, and the site that since ancient times has been the emblem of the city is also a must watch.

If one wants to explore the fun nights then one can choose the Odeon Cinema. It’s the place where we present the premiere of the film in Europe. Or you can typically opt for one of the oldest the bar “The Ten Bells”. Here you can taste the typical “paints English “, also you can meet the odd legend of Jack the Ripper.Coming to the end, the most important thing to keep in mind before coming to London is that due to the large number of people moving through the city, public transport is the ideal way to travel and that London is the most expensive city in Europe.

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I hope I could visit this place someday — it would be a total blast!!
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