Breezy Sandy Nights in Phuket – Explore the Best Beach Bars and Clubs

May 15, 2013

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Love to have a different nightlife in Phuket without the heavy drinks, music, dancing floors and crowd? Then you have to hit the beach bars in Phuket for a magical, soothing and mesmerizing night in Phuket. Phuket, known for its magnificent line of beaches will provide an unusual nightlife experience in a soothing ambiance. Want to enjoy the breezy sandy nights in Phuket? Read on to explore the best beach bars and beach clubs in Phuket.

Enjoy the magical nights in Phuket with a true ocean view from the Surface Bar, Patong Beach

Surface Beach bar

Located on the roof top of the renowned resort, La Flora, Patong, The Surface Beach Bar is a heavenly spot to enjoy the magical nights in Phuket. Yes, the surface bar, one of the  best beach bars in Phuket provide you the truly ocean view from the surface. Enjoy, relish and cherish the stunning views of the beach, of course the Andaman Sea, by sipping your favorite cocktail in the moonlight. Satiate your cravings for delicious food amidst the blissful nature of the open roof top restaurant with best selection of wines, cocktails, and luscious varieties of grilled foods! Enjoy the natural music of the waves along with the relaxing music played in the bar! Don’t forget to witness the breathtaking views of the sunset with your love over the Andaman Sea from the Surface Bar.

Entertaining nights in Phuket at Ska Bar, Kata Beach


One of the most popular beach bars in Phuket is the best place to grab your drink, sit back, relax and enjoy in the late hours. Located in the southern most end of Kata Beach, which is a best nightlife spot in Phuket, Ska bar undoubtedly offers you memorable nights in Phuket. Ska bar has a brilliant construction, where the beach bar is built on huge granite rocks! This could also be called a friendly beach bars in Phuket, as the bar itself carry a sort of  amity! People hop into the bar to enjoy their night in Phuket immediately after the sunset! Sunset hour is the happy hour in this beach bar!

Besides enjoying your drink, indulge in some foods, have fun with the people and enjoy the fire dance performances on the beach.

Lively nights in Phuket in a contemporary atmosphere at Ratri Bar, Kata Beach


Ratri Bar, as indicated by its name, which literally mean the nighttime, has a stylish, sophisticated, modern and lively atmosphere to enjoy the bubbly nights in Phuket. Located on a hill, just above the Kata beach, Ratri Bar is one of the best beach bars in Phuket to enjoy the clear sunset in the Andaman Sea. Being an Italian bar cum restaurant, you can enjoy a classy selection of wine and cocktails followed by the traditional Italian food. Enjoy the finest dining experience with great drinks in a lovely atmosphere, over the sea.

Nature inspired nights in Phuket in a breezy atmosphere, rhythmic waves of the beaches, pleasant climate and the enticing moonlight, is all available for you in the selected beach bars in Phuket. Visit these beach bars not just to sip the drink, but unwind in the natural bliss!


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