Yeah…You heard me right! I am not talking about the new version of “Around the World in 80 Days”. So you must be wondering what the hell I am talking about right? So, fine let me raise the curtains! I am going to introduce you to the most sizzling places of this earth where all the action takes place after the sun drops out. Check out for yourself.


The land of the prim and prissy. In the recent years even the prim and prissy have learned to let their hair down and indulge in cheeky activities! Here are many places you can’t miss while out on a vacation but some of them deliver the proper flavor only when devoured in a proper way. So, for something different catch these night attractions.

Volupte Lounge


Cabaret & secret nooks and crannies. Perfect combo for jumbo fun. Catch the awesome show here with full on drama & comedy done by performers which are just out of this world. Honey Lulu, Ms Sienna Lately, Trixee Sparkle are some of the performers. So wine and dine with the perfect food combined with special organic cocktail and Drag Kings & Queens.

Cafe De Paris


Wanting to feel over the top? Then this is the place for you. This larger than life bar topped with baroque decor is a place where several of the top celebs held their parties. It’s a must visit if not for anything then just for the sake of being there. Don’t miss this place especially on Fridays when there is live music as well. It’s opulent with 3 separate bars coupled with mezzanine and dance floor. A place for the rich & glitzy, not some mango man. For the record, just try getting inside it when you are invited for a party!!!!

Royal Vauxhall Tavern

Royal Vauxhall Tavern

Weird Place. Peculiar History. Superbly Interesting Crowd! I haven’t gone mad, so chillax! It’s just that the history of this place has me so stumped. This place is and has been a gay venue ever since Second World War! It even survived the fights and protests due to gay revolution and upheaval. All-in-all, this place provides total entertainment. Dance, music, shows you name it and this place has it. Even straights are fully welcome, but then if you are not comfortable with the raunchy crowd then don’t bother going as well.


Next we move on to The Adult’s dreamland, i.e., Thailand. You get everything you want here. Dance, music, clubs, discs, beach, etc. You name it. One of the most exotic countries of the world never fails to entertain you at night. So check pout some of the night living for the Draculas of the world.

Swing Bar


No, no, no. You don’t get to swing your partner here as the name suggests. Its a beachside settlement with swing chairs hanging by a rope. There is a bar which even provides a “vodka bucket” you can enjoy while watching fire shows, the specialty of the house. If smoking shisha pipe & playing pool is your thing then this is the place for you. Don’t miss it!

Loy Nava Cruise in Bangkok

loy nava-cruises

Beautiful view, wonderful setting and a great dinner partner. Sounds good no? This is what this cruise is about. Experience Chao Phraya in style with the ancient buildings on either side of the river. Few of the hedonistic sights you will see will be the Temple of Dawn (Wat Arun), Wat Phra Kaew and The Grand Palace, which is further enhanced by a six-course Thai dinner served under the candlelight and complimented by classical Thai ‘kim’ music and dance performances. Cruise lovers, hop on!

Bed Supper Club

Bed Supper Club

One of the can’t miss places of Thailand. No matter what you do you just can’t leave Thailand without going here. This stark white decor bar opened in 2002 and has been the favorite among the bars since then. The crowd is mostly elite and you are made to sit on soft white beds with chilling music. On entering it feels as if you have entered a spaceship. The spaceship type decor is gives one of the kudos to the place. In summary one can say, Ice Ship Fly On!


The City of Romance & Romantics! I don’t see any corner of the place to dislike. It’s just so beautiful with all its history and color that one feels as if one belonged here forever! At least, that’s what I felt. If nothing else, you just find ways to fall in love with this opulent city. Here are some of the places you can’t take out of your head even if you want to.

Le Crazy Horse Saloon

Le Crazy Horse Saloon

A big fan of nude women performing on stage? Then this is the place for you. Variety available for entertainment consists of nude female dancers, magicians, jugglers, and mimes. Besides, the club recently started featuring famous or prestigious artists stripping like Carmen Electra and Pamela Anderson. So, what are you waiting for? Every red-blooded male won’t miss it for the world. Hurry up and make reservations for Pamela Anderson Night.

Le Coq

Le Coq

Looking for a retro themed club to chill out? Then you are at the right place. This bar opened recently and became an instant it. Its 70’s decor coupled with rock ‘n roll music gives the place a unique aura. Not only this, Tony Conigliaro masterminds cocktail creations which are simply out of this world and smoothly slides down your throat like soft fur.

Le Truskel


Youngsters wanting fun should not miss out on this one. For one, this place is a free for all with no restrictions whatsoever. Secondly, its decor is simple but relaxing. The music is also good with Indie pop or Indie rock. So if you are a fan of the above mentioned things, don’t forget this place as it also has many super cute young French as well, if you know what I mean!


Neighbor of Singapore but so much more. It’s basically an Islamic country but politically very active. The nightlife of this city is well lively. You can easily frequent many bars and clubs and never get bored with it all. Such ids the charm of the place. Here are some of the destinations for a newbie in Malaysia.

Luna Bar


A rotating bar on a rooftop! Height phobia people, stay away from this place. However due to its rotating platform you can easily catch the beauty of Malaysia all at once. It’s just so beautiful out there; you just want to take it all in at once. So, take you family and friends and spend a relaxing evening here complete with wines and other delicacies.

Mixx Club

Mixx Club

A mixture of old and new world. It’s one of the ruling clubs of Malaysia. It looks more like a warehouse with neon lights from the inside. Drinks are kind of expensive but the crowd consists of mostly youngsters. This mall establishment is comprised of two sections: Paradox, where deejays spin electro and techno beats, and Arris, a garden café with a live band. A lively place with eclectic mix, do try getting in here.

Farquhar’s Bar

Farquhar’s Bar

You must be thinking I am going on and on about the expensively opulent places but where are the affordable ones? Then this is the one. It’s cheap and also the best bar you can find in Georgetown. It’s a colonial-style hotel bar which prides itself on serving beer, cocktails, a selection of non-alcoholic drinks and delicious pub dinners. If you are going here then don’t miss the specialty of the house or rather I should say signature drink, i.e., the Eastern & Oriental Sling.


The land of contrasts. Of poverty & diversity. Of culture & heritage. I can go on and on about it but then its night scene is also something not to be overlooked. Mostly, Indians are not big on nightlife with curfews and all. Still, now the clubbing scene is emerging with a vengeance. SO check out some cool places to chill out.


Shisha bar

An intimate, crimson colored bar which remains open till 2am at night. It’s basically situated in Kolkata. If you are a hookah fan then this is the place for you. With over 20 varieties of tobacco and Shamiana style decor, this is the perfect place to chill out with friends.

Sports Bar Express

Sports Bar Express

One of the theme bars of Mumbai. The interior is styled as per the name suggests, i.e., with sports equipments. It also has a big plasma TV for viewing various games coming on live. It’s a must go for sports lovers. There are comfortable red couches and the DJ usually plays hard rock. So, Rock On.



It’s one of the most famous bars of Delhi. Despite the time curfew this club flourishes like no other. It also sports a disco known as Ghungroo. It also houses the largest selection of single malts in Delhi, if whiskey is your thing. And a bar counter exclusively devoted to fine wines. Guinness is also available along with a range of Irish beer, of course! So malt lovers, hit here as soon as possible. It rather a very long counter, of approximately 106 feet which covers all the corners in the pub.

Los Angeles

Hollywood. Since we are talking about one of the most expensive cities of the world, we might as well go overboard. This city houses a number of celebrities thus proclaimed to be a night city because that is when all the action takes place. Bars, pubs, and clubs anything and everything bizarre can be found here. SO check out the opulence people.

Viper Room


Indie band & Johnny Depp lovers don’t miss out on this ne. This is a gritty club which was formerly owned by Johnny Depp & is situated on Sunset Blvd. Its main attraction is the mainstream performers who regularly perform here. Book your tickets or you will run out of them as it goes on full booking on almost all the days.

Les Deux Cafe


Half in & half out. Dint understand no? Let me explain. This club’s interiors are European with half of the decor inside and the other half under the stars. Well, if you are a single guy or group of guys wanting entry then you can think again. The bouncers hardly allow such entrances. To correct the small mishap, join a couple of girls and the bouncers will fall over themselves to open the curtain for you. Fountain, French films & dimly lit interior sets the mood for the evening.



Paparazzi swim here all the time. Now that makes a funny picture after all. This club is always filled up to the brim with celebrities. Whew! Didn’t that increase the temperature of the room by some degrees? You definitely will have to fight your way in but when you do, all the hassle is worth it. It’s a glitzy club with smoky interiors, mini skirt girls & executives with fat wallets.

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