A weekend getaway to Nagercoil

August 10, 2012

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Nagercoil weekend gateaway

Nagercoil is a little town situated at the southernmost tip of India, about 20km away from the Cape Comorin. This town surrounded by lush green paddy fields, is sandwiched between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats.

History and Tradition of Nagercoil

Nagercoil was previously called as ‘Najillnadu’ when it was under the Travancore state, Kerala. After a decade of our independence, during 1956, the city and the district merged with Tamilnadu.  It is now the municipalty and administrative headquarters of Kanykumari district.

Nagercoil got its name from the famous Nagaraja temple (temple of the Serpent King) which is situated at the centre of the town. It has been very famous for centuries and people from various parts of the nation visit this temple. It is believed that the temple houses the tail of Lord Vishnu’s serpent Aadi Sheshan, the head of which would be found in Sri Padmanabha swamy temple in Trivandrum, Kerala, which is about 70kms away. The legend has it that the tail of this Serpent runs to the underground and scoops up wet oceanic sand. Believe it or not but, unlike in other temples we would be offered a pinch of this damp soil as prasada.

Nagaraja Temple

Nagercoil is believed to be a very fertile land throughout ages. You would find stretches of paddy fields, banana plantations and many water reservoirs along the stretch, whether you travel towards Kanyakumari, Terunelveli or Trivandrum. Since it fell under Travancore administration a model native state considered by the British rule, Nagercoil has an excellent irrigation system for the farming, with well built dams, roads and other modern amenities. The Western Ghats, surrounding the town acts as the lifeline for the town, as it provides water sources for drinking, temperate climate, irrigation around the town with an ideal Eco-system. However, the northern parts of Nagercoil have large number of Rubber, cloves and Cardamom plantations.  One can watch these plantations as you travel the north towards the Kerala border. The Roads shaded by these plantations on either sides, makes a favorite route for bikers.

The rubber plantation

Nagercoil paddy fields

Places to look out

There are various other spots of tourist interest in and around this town.  Ullakaarvi waterfalls, keeripaarai, kalikesam jungle, Sanguthurai beach, Thottipalam, Udayagiri fort, Thiruparapu falls, Padmanabhapuram palace,  Muttom Beach, Suchidrum temple, Boothapandi  etc are some of the must-visit places within 30kms from Nagercoil. There are also some age old churches built in early 16th century like St. Francis Xavier church inside the town. Because of the proximity to the sea, Kottar, which is at the centre of the town, was the trade centre for the early Travancore kingdom. With all the Sea trade with the western world and the strong routes in the native culture, Nagercoil is still a fine blend of the two worlds.

Thriuparappu falls Nagercoil

The climate over this region is a pleasant one throughout the year, though a bit humid due to the proximity to the sea. The maximum temperature records 30-32 deg C during the peak summer. Nagercoil receives both the north-east monsoon and south-west monsoon, making it the second district in Tamilnadu to receive the highest rainfall.

Cuisines to enjoy

Nagercoil enjoys a blend of both Tamil and Keralite cuisine. Rice is the staple food, though fish is the most popular dish and forms a part of everyday meal. You can enjoy the most delicious marine fishes here. Food is generally spicy and coconut is a common ingredient in most of the dishes. Banana and jackfruit are the most common fruits and the chips made out of them would keep one drooling, if tasted once; so would the banana bajjis.

How to reach

Nagercoil can be reached through two major Indian railway routes – the Konkan route along the west and the other route along the east of the peninsula.  The nearest airport is the Trivandrum international airport, which is about 65km from the town. Also the town is well network with all major cities like Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad through road ways.

If you are looking for a weekend get away with some spicy sea food, a touch of history, a ride between bushy plantations or a lazy, breezy evening sipping your favorite drink by the bank of serine lake, Nagercoil is waiting for you.

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