A Guide to Night Shopping in Dubai – Where and What to Buy

August 5, 2013

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Nightlife in Dubai is almost related to shopping! While people are busy during the day, the night shopping in Dubai make you enter into a different world! Now, let us see, where and what to buy during your night shopping in Dubai


The shopping capital of the Middle East is truly a haven for the Shopaholics. Dubai and Shopping are like Siamese Twins. It is obviously one of the very few cities where shopping is a favorite pastime of the residents, especially, the streets of Dubai is encumbered with shopaholics during the evenings and nights. Night shopping in Dubai, the shopper’s paradise attracts thousands of tourists from many countries, specifically from the Indian subcontinent and Eastern European nations. Now, it is the time to make the most from this shopping extravaganza. Huge discounts, attractive offers, freebies and gifts are offered.


Dubai provides the tourists a splendid opportunity to enjoy and explore in a different culture.  The city is renowned for its number of hi-tech shopping arcades, malls and boutiques, where the tourists can buy anything from pin to plane. Walk into any of the shopping malls as the night falls or roam around the streets in the dazzling night, where either side of the street has hundreds of shops and boutiques, you could simply resist the window shopping.


Night shopping in Dubai in the world’s largest shopping destination from pin to plane


The Dubai Mall, the world largest shopping destination with more than 1200 shops, over 150 eating outlets, indoor theme parks, and the aquarium is actually a modern city. The hitech city adds unique flavor to the nightlife in Dubai. The small shopping city lures a fervent shopper with plenty of products from pure gold to designer jewelry, branded western apparels to ethnic Arabian crafts, spices to perfumes, luxury cars to electronic goods, and much more. Also do not forget to treat yourself with a variety of cuisines in the luscious food courts. It is one of the must visit destination Dubai, which gives a great outlook about the nightlife in Dubai.

Extravagant luxury brands night shopping in Dubai


Next to Dubai mall, The mall of the emirates is the second largest and most popular mall of the Dubai. It has around 40 luxury and premium stores carrying almost all international and luxury brands. You can spend your night in Dubai roaming and shopping in the Emirates mall and find you accommodation near the Mall of the Emirates for a luxurious and lavishing holiday with great shopping experience. Enjoy the nightlife in Dubai in this lavish and luxury mall!

Textile, art and crafts – Night shopping in Dubai


Diera City Centre, a busiest shopping arcade of the city, is very similar to Dubai Mall and has more than 300 outlets spread across three storeys. Do not miss visiting the fabulous textile court for its amazing line of fabrics and the jewelry court for the alluring stone jewelry. If you are a great fan of the arts, do give a visit to the Arabian Treasures court, where you would be lured by the antique arts and crafts. 

Night shopping in Dubai to buy gold


Night shopping in Dubai?? Wont you buy some gold? Yes, Dubai is probably one of the few places to buy the purest form of gold.  The most popular gold souks in Dubai are in Deira. The rates are quite competitive, so compare with each and every shop until you get the best price.

How to make the most of the night shopping in Dubai


Bargain is an honored tradition in this city, especially when it comes to shopping, a main face of nightlife in Dubai, which provides the bargain hunters unparalleled shopping experience with unbeatable value. World renowned brands are often offered at a lesser price. The key to a successful bargain is quoting half the original price offered by the shop owner.


Just scout around the other shops and watch out the negotiations of other shoppers, if you are unsure about what you do. Do just remember to walk away if you are not happy with the price offered, as you have a plethora of shops. Yet, bargain shopping is limited to souks.

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